Sunday, May 13, 2007

..after listening.. Training.. Mother's Day

Thanks for all the comments on Listening... Hey, after updating my side bar for last weeks training, I noticed that my swim time was exactly the same but my distance was about a 1000 more meters!!! Yeah! Overall my training time went down, as expected, as did bike and run mileage. I feel better overall, will see how training goes this week as I head towards the short sprint of Silverlake!
Let's get to a training update: Saturday was a test race bike/run. So after driving with JD up to Montgomery area north of Houston, which by the way was our first time out on that bike route and let me say with the rolling hill's, some which are leg burners, and the great wooded and animal scenery it was totally GREAT RIDE! Pretty much worth the full hour it takes to get out there. So after the first 12 miles we were cruising and feeling great, I think we even said, Man, we're half way done and feeling great! Famous last words as the rolling hills came more frequently! At about 1 hour 30 mins we were done and pulling back into transition. We quickly changed into running gear as we had decided on the bike that we would drive over to a different area to run which took about 6 mins to get there. Once parked we were off and running. Now the temp was rising a little as the sun was coming up but with the help of JD's 305 Garmin it quickly let us know we were running Too fast. (I really gotta get me one of those)
After making a 2 loop circuit we pulled back to the truck with 4.9 miles in 56 mins. Good run.
Feeling tired but knowing that Cap Tex will be tough but crossing the finish is on Target! Yahoo!
During this training ride I monitored my drinking and gel use and determined that I needed more water during the run. I felt good but knew that I probably could have a) eaten more before starting (breakfast) or b) used a gel or 2 more on the bike or some other solid factor like a bar.
This week I will be getting the Tank Lotus (my bike) tuned up as the Silverlake is in 6 days!! And besides me changing out the rear tire on Friday night and messing up the rear brake controls and my rear wheel being a little untrue, the Tank L needs it!
Today, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! To my mom who I love dearly and even to this day I am still her baby! and to my wife who's sacrifices and giving loving heart are second to none.
I am blessed to be among two great mom's, As many of us are!! Enjoy your Mother's Day out there.


Deb said...

Sounds like you were getting a good pulse on what your body needed. I think nutrition is so critical to a race and can 'make or break' you. How many times have you seen someone struggle due to lack of or too much food/hydration? Getting that part done is huge. Sounds like you made some headway there!

Molly said...

WOW...great workout and congrats on the great swimming time...I know that you will do great at Silverlake!

Take Care