Thursday, May 31, 2007


On the list is Tejas Triathlon by:
It's next weekend and a 600 y swim, 11 mi bike and 3 mi run.
So after the cancellation of Cap Tex training has been slowly coming back around. Yesterday, was the first day back running and I hit a quick 3 mile run at an easy 12 min/pace, almost too easy and the last 1/4 mile I kicked it up and felt way strong, it was a nice feeling.
Today, I took the Fuji out and cranked out 18.8 miles in an hour and worked on staying in the aero position and keepin the heart rate down. It like a whole new toy as I was learning and playing with different gears/cadence and HR and finally the last 20 mins I was able to get a gear, maintain 18mph and keep my HR low 140's, which is great for me.
Tomorrow we are heading for an open water swim and this time I will be working on it without the wet suit as the Tejas race is 600 without suits, should be just fine.
And just to let you all know that the new job is still totally awesome and continuing to learn lots and how messed up we as athletes are and how to fix it so we can function 100%. I wish you all could come down for some love at Spine and Sports Therapy!


Molly said...

I think I am going to call you Dr John from now on...based on the web site it sounds like your new job is at a great place!

Oh...some day soon I will be doing 3 miles at an EASY 12 minute pace...I hope. Have fun on your swim tomorrow!

Take Care

Andra Sue said...

Oh, you have no idea how I wish I COULD come down for some love at Spine and Sports Therapy!!! (I've had a wicked stiff neck for 3.5 weeks now. Joy.) If only you were in The Big D...

Good luck at your race this weekend!

Deb said...

Be careful what you wish for!! I can imagine the line forming! LOL! Sounds like everything is going great. It's all you!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

will you have time before the 101?

SkiRough said...

Very cool that you're starting to give the new bike some play. It sounds like one sweet machine. :) and yay for loving the new job!