Friday, September 14, 2007

busy week.. Order it up..

Dang, I just love reading all the race recaps!! Thanks Everybody.. keeps me going and something to look forward to next year!

What a busy week and glad its the weekend, although there will be no sleeping around this weekend as it is busy too but with fun cool stuff!

First training this week has been steady with running, a couple of bikes and a swim/weight! Yes, I made it to the pool to push about 800 meters, whew, it was weird, easy but not, ya know. Anyway, for this weekend, tomorrow it's 6 mile run pre-TNT group and then 4 with the group so gonna hit double digits! Yea! Then the rest of the day will be spent tooling around on the motorcycle with my bro-n-law.
I also have it one the agenda to clean up Fuji, aka Dino as he needs a serious detailing.

Sunday, will be out once again early before the roosters and riding a 6 mile loop about 4 times. Then the rest of the day will be getting ready for a Birthday Party! What, B-day you say? Yes, it's my daughters 16th..on Tuesday and we're doing the family thing as her friends are taking her out Saturday night.. Wow, 16.. I came into her life when she was 10 and it has been a totally awesome and interesting, life teaching for both us since then. I love her.

So to some cool triathlon stuff. I have this 2007 Fuji Aloha 1.0 bike and for those of you who make know or have it as well, the manufacture some how messed up the geometry on the bike for a "TRIATHLON" so I don't have to get all technical and stuff, trust me it is. Several local tri stores have spoken with Fuji and they messed it up. According to specs it says 76 but with all the tweaking and moving seat forward and such I am at 76.2. most it will go as the factor seat is at it's limits. Anyway, Zero has designed a carbon fiber aero seat post for the fuji and for about 200 it will take you all the way to 78* or more. So you one would think would that be a big difference?? Well, JD, who also has the Fuji changed his out and just got it back after a new fit yesterday. Now granted we have been riding on and off together for a few months and have stayed pretty much the same pace, but not after the Zero, He dropped me like a dirty sock!! WTF? He gained almost 3 mph from the change in geometry and feels much more comfortable. I was pissed as you could imagine after trying to keep up with him and HR going totally outta zone and my legs were screaming! So when I hit the car and drove him, I called Tri On The Run and ordered that damn post! Aghhrrrr.. not like I wanted to spend the money but if it makes that much of a difference I'm in.. even if I only get 1-2 mph faster, comfort is worth the price.
So stay tuned for a new little look on Dino.. !!!

Have a great Friday night and weekend!!



Bigun said...

Ha! it's all in the seat post...$200 is big bucks for a seat post though! Hope it's made out of titanium and gold plated for 2 bills.

JohnnyTri said...

carbon fiber and a sleek oval design is all you get.. thanks to Fuji for designing there seat mold like that instead of the standard 27mm round stuff..

cant complain.. bike was free!!


Dying Water Buffalo said...

"6 mile loop 4 times" sounds like the story of my life... laps in Central Park.

how early is earlier than the roosters, anyway?

Andra Sue said...

3mph off a seatpost? That's ridiculous. Let us know how it turns out. I'd buy a whole new carbon BIKE for 3mph!!! Geez. :)

JohnnyTri said...

well its not just the seatpost in weight.. its all about POSITIONING and being the most efficient/comfortable position.
The seat post allows for the better geometry, hence, faster biking.

we shall see how JT comes out..