Sunday, September 02, 2007

Monthy Training recap/new month training! and Porn

After updating last months totals, which you can see in the right column, It is clear that ALL my numbers were done in August. So how come? Heat, humidity, Lazy ASS? I'll say that last one!

My swim was 1/2 compared to July, my bike was down 60 miles compared to July and my run was down 8 miles comparatively. And one thing to note is that my Overall monthly training time was increased by about 30 minutes in August. So recap: LESS TRAINING VOLUME = MORE TRAINING TIME. WTF? not sure what to think on that one other than I just went overall slower in the month of August and it cost me just a bit more time, What can you do... right.

No worries as it's a new month and a race month that is! Cinco Sprint (400m/19mi/3mi) come the end of the month and it's all gearing towards Canyon Lake next month in mid Oct.

So with that being said, yesterday was the TNT Group run and myself and Coach Liz went out and ran the 4.4 miler course before scheduled time. Then once we started our scheduled TNT run it started raining/lightening so we changed the course to around the park loop and only got about 1/2 way around when it was too bad and we had to turn everyone around and head back. So that gave me another 2.6 miles for a total of 7 miles for Saturday, not bad.

Then this morning I was out the door with Dino and we headed for the Flat route for a little brick time. After a nice tailwind cranking my out speed up to 22 mph it was turn around time and head wind dropped it down to about 17 mph finishing the 27.16 miles in 1 hr 30 mins with avg. speed of 18 mph. Then it was run time. Made a quick T2 and I was off. Legs felt tired and I have not been practicing too many bricks and not to mention the 7 mile run the day before but the weather was cooler and my HR was staying down towards the bottom of Z2 so I kicked the pace up just a little and finished off my 3 miles in 30:23. Not bad for my brick.

So the first 2 days of the month training is moving along. Oh but wait.... I have to say on Friday I went to swim out at Twin Lakes in my new..!!! (dant da danaaa) Xterra Vengence Full wetsuit!
I ordered it last week and it came in this week so I had to try it out, even though it was Totally 88* water, I was overheated in a hurry so made it short. It was definitely a great little try out swim and I look forward to many more swims leading up to IMCdA in this baby!

Also I must mention that while out swimming I was there with the HRTC swim group, the group name is the Lake Sharks, didn't know sharks were in lakes but it's kinda funny. Anyway I noticed this gal getting ready on the dock to jump in and swim and I was like "hey are you Pink Guru Gal from the Blogs?" and she is like YEAH! who are you? I'm JohnnyTri. She goes, oh yeah, great to met you! So we chatted just a little while she finished getting ready for her taper swim as Pink Guru Gal is heading out to IM Wisconsin this week!

Tomorrow looks like a motorcycle ride up to the bike course to show Mrs. JT and just have a great Labor Day. Enjoy EVERYBODY!



S. Baboo said...

A lot of the time slow is good and lower mileage can be good too.

Re the challenge, I do think that your first IM challenge should be to finish comfortably. My best IM time is still from my first IM, better by just over an hour, and I also felt good at the end of that race. It was nowhere near as difficult a course as IMKY and the weather conditions were better than at IMAZ but the more I think about it the more I think that the reason I did well at my first IM was because I wasn't in my head trying to make everything work. I knew what I needed to do and just let it flow from there with no expectations.

So, challenge yourself to make 90% of your planned workouts leading up to IMCDA or challenge yourself to reach a point where you stay areo for 80 - 90% of a 100 mile ride but when it comes to race day at IMCDA challenge yourself to have a good time and just let things flow.

blink140pnt6 said...

Does the suit make you invisible, I can't see you in the picture?

Good brick.

Tea said...


I agree with everything sweet baboo said...mostly cuz I've never done an IM and it sounds like really good advice.

Molly said...

I am once again jealous, I am going to have to make a blogger meeting trip to Texas!

Take Care

Deb said...

Sounds like training is going well in spite of the heat. It's been wixked hot and humid here in SoCal adn I swear..I don't know how you folks do it. Nice wet suit!!!! Love new toys!

Spokane Al said...

You are definitely putting in the time and I believe that is a big part of the training.

I will be looking forward to seeing you streaking through the waters of Lake CDA in you new wetsuit next June.

Allez said...

"not bad" for the brick?!? That's really good!!! Funny, wearing your wetsuit in the hot water :-)

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

JT - I hope you had a great Holiday weekend. Blink is right, that wet suit makes you super human!!

Meggan Ann said...

Where's the porn?

Just kidding. I'm with allez . . . your brick was good!