Thursday, September 06, 2007

the week and IMW'ers.

So to all the IMW's out there getting ready, which most of them will not read any of this but just know that myself and a lot of others will be watching and pulling and cheering for you this weekend! Have Fun!

So on to this weeks training which has been so so. Can't seem to find my nitch but that is OK as I am still getting my runs and a couple of short but effective bike rides in. I realized that my sprint tri is in about 3 weeks so I need to focus on some swim technique as my bike/runs have been steady and consistent and way longer than need be for a sprint or even a Olympic. So tomorrow I am heading out to the lake for some technique practice, weired, in a lake huh.

Then next week I have 3 scheduled swims on the books and really going to shoot for 1 extra for endurance/long swim.

Now, it talked to the RD from the Oly race next month in Canyon Lake, the one I drove 431 miles round trip to GPS the course and it turns out that registration is just about 100 and there cap is like 600! Wow, way off the mark there but he said he going through with it and expects about 350 people to race. So even though the course is very hilly and not flat if one were to work hard you just might bring home some hardware, we shall see, can get my hopes up there. But the RD did state that this will be a wetsuit swim as the water was currently only 72*, nice!

This weekend events include an 8 mile run on Saturday, 4 before TNT group run, 4 with the group and then Sunday I am looking at heading to the hills for about a 40 mile ride.

That's the latest in short.

Oh, and I have been working with the Rice University athletics, football/soccer-girls (yea!) teams this past week and helping them get there mojo back on. It's really cool to work with a university like that!



Bill said...

Sounds like a great little race.

I'm much prefer the smaller ones, not for the increased chance in a podium spot, but for the overall vibe.

Andra Sue said...

Happy weekend, dude! You'll get back in your groove soon. :)

S. Baboo said...

A race with 350 people in NM is huge! I'd like to do more of the big races but the travel...

I lived in San Antonio for a long time and we headed for Canyon Lake a lot, great place!

Deb said...

Go get em on that race..350? It's all you! Fun times at work as well! 3 weeks and we have some readin to do!