Wednesday, May 06, 2009

April Numbers..

Are in and calculated. Now I don't get all fancy and high tech as Form but here's the scope, if you care or just want to act like you care.. haha!

Overall training time was down just over an hour, 33 hrs 37 mins compared to March of 34 hrs 49 mins. Which is relatively good because I got close to the March distance numbers in less time!!!

April Swim was just over 1469 m short compared to March BUT only with a 12 min difference in time = Faster! Yes!! but not as fast a Mr. Form, he's a fish!!

April Bike was 18 miles shorter than March BUT 7 mins Longer = FASTER!!! (Form still faster!)

April Run was 12 miles Longer than March and obviously Longer in time but = FASTER overall pace!!! (Form still Faster!!)

I was also able to start weight training again after Rage and recovery which was the last week of the month and ended with 3 sessions of 90 mins each.

April was a great month with all Faster times and improvements! I am proud and only looking to get a little better each month.

Hats off to the Form as he is a well oiled machine these days as he nears IMCd'A and rightfully so, YOU BETTER BE!!! Keep up the good work, you're almost there buddy! 45 days!

Training this week is going great and steady. All is good and I keep smilin'..



teacherwoman said...

All I see is FASTER FASTER FASTER! Way to go! Cheers to another great month of training ahead of yourself!

lindsay said...

can't complain about faster! 33 hours is major dedication. bottle up your six-pack and send it to me please. ;)

RBR said...

Beast status!! You are tearing up the training. Could you send me a little of your speed? I could surely use it!

Formulaic said...


Where are the high tech graphs and slideshows?

Come on! All I can see from here is that you are getting faster and faster and faster.

Every sport! And you still have 200+ days before the race!

Hell! IM training hasn't even started and you've already blown the doors off of last season!