Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm still out there..but so is Banshee lady

Don't worry I haven't gotten abducted by aliens or lost in Area 51 but I have been on a mission! Would there be any other way, so let's get to it.

First off, in case you noticed, today the 200 day mark has been cracked and its 198 Days till Cozumel!!!

Since last week I helped out with TNT for the big 20 miler run the San Diego group had to do. I was at a couple of different water stops so it was great to keep up with the runners and cheer them on at different mileage points. They all did so well and they are ready for the big marathon, and most of all they get Taper! Which we ALL Love!!

Then Sunday it was back out the door early to get a great trail run in with my new wonderful running peeps! I really enjoy running with them (no offense Form, haha, Hey Glad to see you got a blog post up, what have you been doing, Training for an Ironman or something?) and the different areas we have run so far. Since it was Mother's Day we had to make it snappy as we all had plans to get to. But here is quick low dow. As we were running we came across all this stuff buried under this plastic tarp that was being held down by big boulder rocks that were individually wrapped in plastic grocery sacks! HUMMM!! We all wanted to know what was under it so I started kicking the boulders off only to reveal random newspapers, towels, and some other junk, so to speak. well there was also a little pan of dog food and some water so we chalked it up to some homeless persons stuff way out on the trail top of mountain. We leave, refuel at the cars and head back out in a round about way and notice the person on the mountain/hill top area where we uncovered the random stuff. This lady yells out to us something like : "Go in peace to serve the Lord, God Bless you and Happy Mother's Day!" Now maybe it would have been OK but then she immediately turned around and started putting all the rocks back on the stuff we uncovered!! By this time we were all like OK, Banshee lady is gonna come after us so let's get moving! We were back on this road from earlier and next thing you know some random blue truck is coming up behind us, but as soon as he would get closer he would slow and stop. This went on for a few minutes and was quite freaky!! We could not see who was driving as they were still too far away but this Stocking up your Prey feeling was not fun and very distracting. Finally, the truck got closer and I suggested we jump down to this other little road that paralleled the road the truck was coming on. The truck soon passed and it was some guy who waved and kept going, Weird! as its 8:30am Sunday morning and your driving down some random back road where there is nothing! OK, people do go out there and shoot there guns by evidence of all the shot gun shells laying around. Well we continued up the road we hopped on only to hear the truck over the hill. As we got closer we could see the truck stopped at the intersection of these two roads!! OH, No, I said, Turn around, we're not going by Random Truck Guy. So we head back towards the hill where Banshee lady was and as we got to the top of the this Other hill we found more stuff buried only this time it was way more organized! There was a sign on one of the tarps that said "Please do not remove. In Service to the Lord. Will return in a few minutes" Then another little plate with dog food and water and a spoon placed facing North and held down by a rock just as the other site was!! After taking several pictures we started running again but the mood was completely weird! Oh, and while there on the hill we just ran from earlier we could see Banshee lady walking!!! We thought we better get the hell outta there before she really chases us down. We got back to the cars and ended with 17 miles on the trails! It was fun and entertaining. Oh there was a time when I was leading down the road and running a little fast when all of a sudden I STOP!!! and put my arms out across to stop the others from passing me!!! There was a nice little 5' Snake laying across the road, yikes!! We had to go around him as he was not in the mood to move and really liked his sun spot, but cool a Snake!! huh!!.

I rest of the week I was able to get a few other workouts done but just my regular stuff. It's been a good week and I'm looking forward to the weekend with TNT again, and adventures in trail running!!!



Formulaic said...

Wait....did I read that right??

You were leading the RUN??

HOLY CRAP! The dude is getting fast and strong. Look out IMCZ!

and He's still got 198 days left!!!

JohnnyTri said...

dont let it fool ya.. it was down hill with the wind pushing.!!

Stef said...

That lady sounds creepy. Weird.

Here's to you getting stronger, faster, and having fun (except when you're being stalked by a truck).


lindsay said...

weirrrrd mountain lady. not sure if i would have been more scared of her or the truck guy...

RBR said...

You are going to blast out a new IM PR at Cozumel. I can just feel it! Look how strong you are 198 days out.

I wish I had 198 days left. I might have a snowball's chance in hell of finishing then.

teacherwoman said...

Looking strong, dude!