Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi all.. Sorry, I have been on slacking part of blogging this week.

So Quickly, training this weekend was OK, except for my lack of nutrition on the long run Sunday and Bonking out around mile 14, the last 3 miles were totally crappy and it took all I had to get back to the car. Luckily, I had some great running support, otherwise I probably would have freakn' walked the whole way back!

Went to an underwater video swim taping session on Saturday afternoon and was told I pretty much Suck!! Which I already knew, haha, but not really. The good news is that I will be joining in on some swim technique stuff to help make me faster and better!! So watch out Form! One more thing to make you think about at CdA.

I am heading out of town so I will be back to blogging next week. Then I have some really crazy Exciting JohnnyTri news to let you all in on!!

Until then, Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!!!



Stef said...

Hey what is your crazy exciting JT news? Inquiring minds want to know.


Have a GREAT long weekend!

Formulaic said...

It seems that everyone is slow on updating their blogs.But no one is worse than me!

If your news is what I think it is...then you're crazy!

teacherwoman said...

Bonking on a long run is no fun!

I bet you don't suck at swimming. I am pretty sure we all have some thing or another that we need to work on!

Enjoy your time out of town! Later!

Ryan said...

That would be kind of funny if they just came out and said, "John, well, you just suck underwater! Here's your money back because we can't help."

JohnnyTri said...

LMAO!!! Ryan.. thats about what it felt like tho!!


lindsay said...

at least you finished the run. i'm bad about letting myself cut it short on days like that...

have a great long weekend! this news better be worth the wait! ;)