Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fast and Long week-end..

OK. So I went to Texas to hang out with Liz and her TNT Triathlon team which had there big event in Austin on Monday. It was great to meet new friends with TNT and see them all succeed and cross the finish line, one of the best and most rewarding things in volunteering and working with Team in Training!

It was fast trip b/c it was busy the whole time and of course you add in a few nights of drinking and it becomes Long without much sleep. I get my long run on Friday and that was great to be running around the Memorial area again as it was missed. But I didn't miss the humidity!

OK, SO I really wanted to tell you the big news. (drum roll please....)

I signed up for my first Ultra run!!! It's called the Headlands Hundred but I will be doing the 50 Miler. It's crazy for sure but something I've had in the back of mind along with a 100 mile run some day and of course Ironman. I will be running with a group of others here in the Vegas area so that will make it more enjoyable. So be ready to watch the running numbers/volume increase! Oh the run is in about 10 weeks!!

I love it!!!! Crazy!!



Stef said...

Cray Zee!!!


Glad you had a good trip and fun with TNT. Have fun training for the ultra!

lindsay said...

cool stuff dude. a 50-miler in august though, hot! the course sounds awesome though. love tnt, glad you were able to go, support and have a great weekend.

RBR said...

Dude! You picked an ultra so close to my house when I will be out of town!! So sad for me!

I am still WAAAAAY excited for you!

Ryan said...

Ouch! 10 Weeks until a 50 miler!

Wow is all I can say, you are tougher than me for even signing up.