Monday, May 04, 2009

Weeks are so fast..

Wow, it has already been a week since I last posted.. what the heck have I been doing?

Training for one! Studying for two! Having a great time for three!

My training for last week went very well getting in a nice speed work swim and run early in the week. Then a super brick towards the end of the week that seemed to be a little warmer outside than what I was ready for and afterwards seem to whip me out and take me a lot longer to recover than expected! By Saturday it was Team in Training run day.

It was early morning to meet up with Coach Antonette and help with some sign decorations that we would put out on the course, which, turns out the peeps really like them and helped make the run easier to follow at the turns and most importantly Antonette brought Coffee!!! It was a windy morning and of course running uphill on long grades is never too fun but it builds strength and mental character. I set the signs out, talked with one of the great alumns helping at a water stop, then met up with coach to see how much longer till the faster runners got there. I then decided to head back down the road to check on the slower paced runners and some of the walkers. I talked with them and all was good! Then headed to the 1st water stop which turned out to be good because the super nice lady had to leave. I then waited for all the runners to come back through and headed back to the start area. There we all talked and got things cleaned up. A Great training run for TEAM and a great job by Coach Antonette.

Now Sunday!! Another super early wake up day and this time it was my time to get a run on but with an added twist! First off I was running with Antonette and second we are trail running!! Yes!! Our route is perfectly planned to include trails and road running to acquire 17 miles of total running. Antonette is training for a 50 miler later this year so my little 17 miles was a walk in the park for her, I really don't think she even broke a sweat before we were finished and I know she didn't even breath hard at any time. As we started running I asked for pointers on what to do and the best things she could recommened, as this is really my first official trail run. I mean I have run on some dirt just like anyone else but nothing with rocks, limbs, stubs, catcus, switch backs, gravel, and boulders! and this was also my first time to wear a Camelbak. As we started to run, the path was pretty good, nothing too strenuous but a nice a gradual uphill. The camelbak was working fine and did not bother me as much as I had expected it to. After about 4-5 miles were back at one of the cars, refill, and off we go to some other trails that are about to get harder and steeper, I was warned. Antonette lead pretty much the whole way and she is such a strong runner I felt bad at times for slowing her down and waiting for me. The trails are simply amazing and the views you get are much to be enjoyed if you can take your eyes off the trail. Once we hit the turn around point I was very glad b/c we had been running uphill for a long ways and it was killn me. I was then able to lead coming back down the trail till I got passed and once again was in the back. As I said Antonette is a very strong runner and to watch her manuver and run down the trail at fast pace is very impressive but I couldn't watch too long b/c I had to try and keep up! Finally we were back at the car to refuel again and hit the road for the final trek. It was 9.65 miles of trail running and the rest on the road to make 17. Now running on the road by this time wasn't much better as I was still running behind Antonette and she was still waiting for me at times but she was super kind to keep checking on me to make sure I was OK. If I thought she was fast and strong on the trails I should have known she would be faster on the road, and yup! she is! She had a great run and I was glad I was able to run with her and have her introduce me to the trails as I will be working those into my routine in time to come. (oh Stef and RBR, Yes, I will admit... I was pretty much Chick'd All Day Long!!)

It was a great weekend and wrapped it up but seeing Xmen Orgins: Wolverine!!!!!! you have to go see it!

208 days!! tic tok.. Ironman Cozumel!!



Stef said...

Ha! Glad you got chick'd by someone as strong and cool as Antonette!

Plus IMO you are a Real Man for doing what it takes to get stronger. NICE RUN.

Where was the trail you guys were running at?

Formulaic said...

Trail running is no joke! Way to go out there.

And don't feel bad for Antonette. She knows how SLOW you are!!

Besides, she gets extra mileage in by backtracking on you.

Dude, coming back to the car 3 times and going back out?? That takes some serious endurance. It would have been soo easy to call it a day when you see the car..

Awesome job!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like training is going well! Good to hear!