Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Congrats Form & the JT Marathon

After manging to get back and recovered from the Memorial Day week trip to Houston and Austin things have been good.

Next up is regular training and getting back in the grind of things, even with a few extra add pounds I picked up from Texas!! Damn! On Thursday I cranked out a much needed brick of 44 miles bike and 13 miles run. Now the bike was a little uncomfortable and have concluded that my bike positioning has changed so I have to do some adjusting and playing around with it or wait, How about taking it and going to get a bike fit! Great Idea.. anyway, the run portion was the best part although I was tired and ready to bag it after 6 miles I had a great running partner that kept me in the game of things and was seriously nice to have someone there running with me. I couldn't have asked for a better running partner! Sorry Form.. haha.

This weekend I was granted the great privilege to watch over the TNT Seattle group as the coaches were out of town for the San Diego marathon with the team. All went well and with some great help we were able to get the team all back in one piece. I thank Coach Antonette and Coach Cynthia for trusting me with there team!!!

Sunday.!!! Wow Buddy! Sunday I planned out my own little marathon. Yup, that's right. 26.2 ready to go. I actually went out to the Labor of Love (LOL) course put on by Calico racing. I took 3 coolers and set them by the side of the road in the bushes approximately 4 miles apart. I then drove to the end of the course, out and back, parked and started my marathon. It was a nice 44* as I stepped out of the car but soon after the temps warmed up and proved to be just overall nice running in that area.

OK, Recap of the Solo JT Marathon:

26.31 miles. 5 hours 11 mins.

Starting Elevation: 6225 ft.

Elevation Mile 13.1: 4500 ft.

So the out and back was a nice fast out but a slow climb back. First off, there is no stores, gas stations, bathrooms, barely cell phone service and just a few, count them on one hand house in that area. It's a road and camping areas in between. So when I originally volunteered for the LOL back in April I really thought to myself, Wow, These racers are totally tough to be out here without any support other than the water stop peeps and fellow racers and actually thought to myself I wouldn't even do the course then. I am not to sure what prompted me to do my own JT Marathon out there but I just wanted to and being as my awesome running partners were out of town in San Diego, I thought why not! I did get behind a little on nutrition and paid the price after the turn around and for miles 14-17 I was feeling pretty whipped out but I took in a good amount of calories and waited it out and after I hit mile 19 I was feeling much better other than just wanting to knock out the last 6 miles. The WALL? What wall! I guess I hit it at mile 14 but nothing to be found at mile 21! Once finished I made my way back to pick up my 3 coolers and drive back home. I was really impressed that I ran this solo plain and simple. I guess I just knew deep down if I stayed around town I would have more of a tendency to bag the run at 20 than be out in the middle of BFV and run and out and back.

After looking at the elevation profile I was even more proud of my accomplishment and I really felt good physically. Tired but not totally out of gas. Let's chalk that up for the Bank of Headlands!



lindsay said...

i thought it was sufficient to just run 2-3 miles after a bike but nooo lets do 44/13 yeah that sounds real enticing. of course in true johnny style that's not all, you also had to go run a marathon by yourself. seriously dude, can you share your endurance and speed? :)

Formulaic said...

Seriously dude! Lindsay has it right.

Share the endurance!! We can't all be marathon gods!!

Freaking awesome!

Coach Liz said...

You did Coach proud. Now go get in the pool and swim some, ok?

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Nice job on your own marathon!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, the ideal answer.

Anonymous said...

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