Sunday, June 07, 2009

Monthly Numbers and Weekend Update.

First it's obvious from the Last months number to this month that I totally decreased my swim and bike times and INCREASED my running! like 2.5X! Overall Time has increased due to the running and no wonder why my legs are freakin' tired and TIGHT every damn day! I am pleased with the run outage but not so pleased that I decreased my bike and swim. No worries, just got to focus a little more.!!

So increase you didn't see it on Facebook, I passed my Nevada Chiropractic Exam and am now officially licensed in NV!. GO JT!!!

This weekend was another great job and shout out the the TNT Seattle Las Vegas team knocking out there 20 mile long run and are now into taper. I was manning a water stop and enjoying some great company with my new friend, David. He is the husband of one of the participants and a super supporter and great guy.

Today!! OMG!! Today, was a 24 mile trail run with the group of us running the 50 miler but as we are all still leaning and exploring the Red Rock Canyon area we ended up on this trail road which became a Hiking road as there was litterally no way to run with all the rocks, trees, boulders, grass and holes we had to climb through! It was super fun!! and we all enjoyed it but it didn't help our overall pace and running. The first 6 miles took about 2 hours! but then it was one to running and we finished up those miles in a totally moving time of 7 hours! Yikes! Long time on the legs and now they are feeling tired and sore, esp. after Friday's Red Rock Loop bike climb I did to 4700ft! and Thursdays biking and Wednesdays running (humm, imagine that!)

Anyway, I am tired and Hungry as it never seems to go away over the last 4 days!



teacherwoman said...

Congrats on passing your exam!!

lindsay said...

congrats dr johnny! what chiro school did you go to? (jw)

Formulaic said...

So...where are the numbers?

BTW - Way to go out there on the run and the Chiro.