Friday, June 19, 2009

A Year Already!!

It has been a freakn' Year today since I arrived in Coeur d'Alene for Ironman. The water was cold, I was nervous and feeling just a little out of place to be around so many other athletes. My training was good, for the most part, it could have been better on bricks and I could have been in better shape body composition wise but life happens and although it was pretty much Go Time. I knew that I would be able to complete the distance and make the cut offs based on my training and as long as nothing went seriously wrong I would be Okay.

It was nice to be there and meet up with the fellow bloggers and see that we were all nervous but yet all ready to take it on. There were so many thoughts and emotions that weekend that even today thinking about them brings back the WHY Ironman. For everyone it's different and you have to figure out your Why. I am glad today that I can still remember my WHY and feel it even a little more a year later than when it was actually going on.

Once the race was complete it was a different feeling. Feeling to be done, feeling to be an Ironman, feeling to have met some great people and some new people, like Christy from Colorado, where we ended up running the last half of the marathon together and have since been friends and kept in touch. It's amazing, along with the fellow bloggers that many are friends and a few I have personally met. Again, Ironman brings so much to the table than you ever thought possible.

I am excited for Forumalic Isaac #546 and the Rowe family to be together for his Ironman! and Father's Day!! I am excited for Victor #1436 and his first Ironman! I am excited for RBR Stacy #74 (btw, how the Hell did you get that Sweet ASS number!!!) in her 1st Ironman!! Notes and Lines Dave #602 and all the others that are up there and ready to go feeling the way I was feeling one year ago.

I am excited for Ironman Cozumel as this will be another experience and more great people! I am happy that I am an Ironman not simply because of the accomplishment but because of the life experience Ironman has given.



Stef said...

Damn JT you made me cry. Good work!

I would love to read more about what Ironman has meant to you if you feel like writing more about it sometime. Reading your perspective as you've written it here is awesome.

teacherwoman said...


Formulaic said...

Nice post!

OK, enough with the emotional stuff...

How about a RR where you describe kicking ass on that Bike at BS??