Sunday, June 14, 2009


The past week has been different but the same. Training continued although it took me a little longer to recover overall from the run last weekend and I was able to get a swim, short speed work and some weight training in but just didn't feel like getting on the bike, humm.

By Friday I was ready for the weekend after a day of meeting with fellow doctors to discuss opportunities which didn't really seem to pan out either way but such is life.

Saturday was of course TNT day and I was out on the course helping out with a water stop and later managed to get about 4 miles in with a participant at a good easy pace. Then there was the TNT NIKE Women's Kick off party for that marathon and that was great to enjoy and then it was off to swim stroke practice which didn't go as easy as I was thinking it was going to but again such is life. To end out the evening was a nice get together picnic with the Las Vegas Tri Club with lot's of food and people.

Today, was up and somewhat ready for the 26 mile training run but when I woke up I was feeling a little off, something maybe from the pool b/c after the swim session I felt a little groggy and like I was getting a cold or something. Anyway, I got up and did all my stuff and met up with Antonette for the run and while we were getting ready Donna and Jeremy showed up and so now there was 4. I'll talk more on the run later.

There's always lots of great conversation on the group runs and this is one of best things to look forward too not to mention just the great people to run with and the beautiful scenery out at Red Rock. At times I would find myself thinking about the past week and it would seem to bring a slight down feeling to me, I guess b/c thing's just didn't match up on the meetings as much as I wanted them too. I also thought about different aspects of my life and what is happening and where I am going but I wasn't sure if I fully know which leaves an uncomfortable feeling and I would then just stop thinking about it and focus on the group and what was going on.

As I sit here and blog, those thoughts still are crossing in my mind and I am still not wanting to listen to them maybe for the fact of uncertainty or simply b/c I don't have any answers and that is a little nerve racking which is probably why this past week I have felt a little down and not been able to sleep. Sometimes I guess I just feel needy or want to be needed, which is totally off of what I was just talking about but that's my final thought.



RBR said...

26 mile training run. So cool.

It is not "needy" it is normal. Be nice to you!

Thank you for your encouragement. I scared. *sniff*

Formulaic said...

I don't know how to break it to you, but you have a lot going on!

Of course things are going to feel overwhelimg at times. And during those times, it's nice to be needed or to feel needy.

There is nothing wrong withthat at all. You are dealing with a lot of uncertainty right now. Once you get everything solved, it will be a bright new day, but in the meantime, it's OK to be focused on your wants and your needs.

A little 'me time'.

Stef said...

Everyone needs support! Including you!

I cannot TELL you how many times I have felt overwhelmed, even hopeless.

I also sometimes have a hard time requesting support. The beauty of support is that it can come from anywhere: family, friends, blog buddies, something you do for yourself like getting a massage, buying your favorite beer . . . I could go on but you get the gist.

Seems like you are in transition right now and that's never easy, even if you are transitioning to a better place. Hang in there you will get where you are going you have what it takes I believe in you.

You are human and you are not the only one either. :-)