Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mid week.

Since the Sunday long run, it seem's that this week has taken me a little longer to recover and I am not really sure if it is from the overall training, lack of good nutrition, personal stress or lack of sleep a couple of nights. Most likely a little bit of everything.

On Tuesday I was able to meet up with SWTrigal and husband Hartley as they made there way back from Tahoe and Form joined in for the nice choppy swim at the lake. I actually attempted to practice my swim drills but found it quite hard in the choppy water and as the others swam ahead I floated around till the came back and swam a little longer before heading back to the land for a T2 change.

I then hit the road for a short less than 4 mile, as I my Garmin died out I was not too sure on the actual mileage but just under 4. It felt good to get a short run in as my ankles and feet were still a little sore from Sunday.

After the swim and run we all met at the world famous Hacienda Hotel for breakfast and new mommy Kelly and baby Kian was able to join!! So Cute they both are!!! Sorry Daddy Form, your not cute, your ironman training. It was so nice to see all of them and I look forward to BABYSITTING!! Did I just say that??? I think I may have been sleep typing.. haha.

The last couple of days I have been a little preoccupied with a few personal things and haven't felt much like training but today I think I will get my scheduled brick in.

On a different note. I just finished the book:

Now of course Dean is a super hero all on his own but this is a great book to read in general and how things went for him over the 50 days. There are nice tips along the read and I found it interesting overall just to know what happened.

As today is Thursday I am already looking forward to the weekend as it's TNT Day on Saturday with the Kickoff Event for the Nike Women's Marathon and meeting all the participants, then swim lessons, then LV Tri Club picnic and of most important Sunday Run with some special people. I really look forward to it and although it brings a lot of work, tired legs, aches and pains, the company and Smiles of certain faces make it all worth every step!


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