Friday, July 10, 2009

It just happened!! OMG!

Yup that's right, Super Exciting things are going down in the life JT.

First up that is so so so so exciting to me is BADWATER! Molly is taking on the toughest foot race in the world on Monday-Wednesday. I and 5 other great people, Bailey, Jimmy, Brendan, Georgina, and Justin will be along with her as part of her crew to watch her accomplish something so Amazing I can't even explain. The intense HEAT and conditions are just amazingly extreme and to be running in it, I can't even imagine but I will soon report next week with lots of pictures on how it went!!!

Now with that being something exciting in my upcoming adventures check this out!

I am now home to Nevada Integrated Chiropractic and will be finally seeing patients, well, as soon as I market and get some :) but at least I have an office and an place to get them to come to! I am excited to be working with Dr. Kevin Jenkins who is also a chiropractor and licensed Homeopathy doctor which means super cool holistic stuff to help Athletes! It is basically like opening a new business so I have to get to working, network and find the athletes and bring them in. So Stef and Form send them over from the West Side. I am now at Summerlin Parkway and Town Center Drive!

It's been a crazy week trying to nail this office stuff down and meeting with a couple different doctors but this office is more my style and Dr. Kevin is now venturing into endurance cycling, centuries and double centuries. I look forward to growing and even building my office even with the tough times ahead, it's about having fun and enjoying what you do!

WOW, tomorrow morning is TNT run and I have to squeeze in a short 26 miler, ok, ok, I know it's a marathon but 26 is much shorted than 31 so I call it short :) !

Then is take my stuff to Molly's house, which is now by my office, and get things packed in the vans heading to Badwater and Sunday it's breakfast time at 7am with the Crew and off we go to Death Valley!


check out the Death Valley Forcast:


lindsay said...

congrats on joining a practice! good luck building your client base :)

good luck on that "short" run and have fun at badwater!!

RBR said...

Have a great and safe time at Badwater! I can't wait for your recap!

Congratulations on the new office. I wish you the best of luck in your new business space!

Stef said...

You will learn so much at Badwater, and be great support to Molly.


Congrats on the new practice too!

Josh said...

Hey John - great to meet you at Badwater! I hope Molly is recovering OK, congrats again to her! Keep in touch. Josh