Thursday, July 02, 2009

Post Travel and Product use.

After leaving Lubbock on Monday morning I drove back and along the way caught up with the Outlaws SWTriGal and Hartley and we caravan till lunch time, stopped and had lunch together and then we headed back out with me turning off and heading to Santa Fe and them to home in Albuquerque. Once I was back in Santa Fe, I laced up the shoes and out I went for a short 6 mile run around down town Santa Fe Plaza and the river area, it was nice and short and felt good.

On Tuesday it was out the door and head back to Vegas but not before stopping of near Goodwater, AZ and snapping these pics! I mean with the upcoming BADWATER crewing with Molly I had to stop and have some fun!!

Once back in Vegas I was quickly welcomed home to the 110* heat. It was nice to be back home and enjoy my bed.

Yesterday, Antonette and I went to knock out an 8 mile run and of course in JT Slow fashion Antonette was great to run with me as we both had to endure the 101* heat but really wasn't that bad considering. Before we met up I had an appointment with James the owner of The Athlete's Foot. He did a great job in fitting me for another pair of shoes which are compliments from the crewing for Molly, THANKS!! Anyway, James really knows his stuff about shoes in many aspects and I am glad that I now know him! The shoes worked very nicely on the run although they still were not fast enough to keep me anywhere close to Antonette if she decided to bust out and run. She rocks, thanks for running together!

Now I want to just add a few things about some training products I have been using.

First off is Gatorade Endurance! love this stuff and it always seems to work for me no matter what race I am at or when I am training.

Next, is something I have been using in long run training for the upcoming 50 mile run and it's Perpetuem by Hammer! stuff really seems to be working for on those runs, although I did mix it a little strong at Buffalo Spring on the bike and I think my system was a little annoyed with me at the start of the run so I will go back to the standard 1 packet per bottle mixture. I also like both the flavors Cafe Latte and Orange-Vanilla!!

Next, is something I just tried today from the compliments of James at Athlete's Foot and it's made by Crank. E-Fuel. It's an electrolyte drink that also has calories from maltodextrin! Yes, other forms of sugar for the body to use is always great. I used it today and I really liked it so I will be trying more of it in training for Cozumel.

And another classic product I have using are Clif Shot Bloks. Love them in all flavors and are just great for me.

So just a few shout outs to those products and companies.

Now I have to work on recovering as my legs still feel like mush after the run yesterday..



Stef said...

I use GE Endurance and Perpetuem like they are going out of style. Great products.

lindsay said...

look at those guns!

haven't heard of perpetuem and the e-fuels but they sound interesting. will have to give them a shot!