Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend and Taper..

There is nothing better than TAPER !!! That's right, this is the first weekend of stepping back from the long long runs and heading towards a 3 week taper to Headlands 50. It has been a long early morning trail/road and all systems are go, ready or not, it's coming.

After getting the shorter run in today, I still have a back to back run tomorrow and although 10 is on the schedule I will look to get 13 as today was also 13. Then this coming weekend is 10 and no back to back run and then it's the biggie! I can't wait. What I also can't wait for is to complete this 50 mile run with a Great person, Antonette. She has been there for me in many ways out on the long training course and has encouraged, motivated and just plain made it Fun. I hope I have done the same for her as I definitely have respect and gratitude for the athlete and wonderful person she is. This too will be her 1st 50 mile event as well as a few others in our running group. Jimmy, is basically using this run as a trainer for his 100 mile run in Sept. So stayed tuned for it all.

As you see the book cover of Pam Reeds story, The Extra Mile. I started reading this a while ago and finally finished it today. It's a great story about her life and her Badwater and other running experiences. It's a good insight into her life and I found it a good read.

My office is up and moving, slowly, that is but hey it takes time right. Rome was not built in a day but things are happening and that I am proud of. Someday I will be even happier when I get some sort of a paycheck but until then.. I just keep working it.

Oh and in case you didn't notice, my side bar is counting down and yes, the 20 weeks of official Ironman training timer has started. Now, has JT? Only the running and hey, I'm in Taper! What a way to start your IM Training!! LOL.. Over the next couple of weeks I will be getting back to the pool and on the bike and especially after the 50 I will need that to recover, so Fear Not.. I SEE IT!



Josh said...

Congrats and enjoy your taper, you've certainly earned it! Nice article about Molly in the Las Vegas weekly.

lindsay said...

i don't know that a 50-mile race really counts as a taper in the beginning of ironman training... i think you'll be ok :)

enjoy the 'taper' - get ready to rock the 50!

Anonymous said...

You guys have all been training hard for Headlands... you'll do well!

Anonymous said...

I'm training homeboy. 123 and counting.