Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Weekend! 50K run and More.

Yeah What a great and fabulous weekend!! I loved it!.

First off Saturday was TNT morning of course and the team is moving right along.

Then in the afternoon Antonette and I grabbed lunch and went to see The Hangover. So So Funny! I have not laughed that much in a long time at a movie! Awesome! Of course it was then off to bed earlier, yes, even with the fire crackers exploding all over the neighborhood and it was only 8:30 pm I was out and sleeping.

Sunday morning was up at 3 am and meeting up with Antonette to car pool out to Lovell Canyon to meet the rest of the great runners in training for the Headlands 50 miler. We were all there and hit the road just after 5 am. Special Thank You to Tim, Cynthia's husband for crewing/sagging the whole way and all day for us! It was great. The run overall was great and I felt great. Especially come mile 26.31 as that is my longest distance I had ever run, so at mile 26.32 I stopped and we took some pictures I was now in uncharted territory! The last 4 miles were long and my legs were tired, of course, but I really felt good and with a great running partner It made it even better! Once we came to finish our mileage was a little off so Antonette and I had to run up the highway a little to officially get the 31 miles!

I completed 31 miles or aka 50k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great to finish with Antonette and share in the experience and it was on the same course she first did her 50k! So nice job to both of us!

The rest of Sunday was spent recovering with ice bath and food and resting. Monday morning of course brought us out again for a short 10 mile recovery run. As we started it didn't seem much like a recovery run as it was just tiring and hard to get the legs moving but after a while we both seemed to be OK but still just tired. We finished up the run and headed off to get cleaned up./span>

Once that was all done we met back up and I had picked up lunch and off we went to Mt. Charleston and even Rocky got to come along! He's a great dog and I enjoy him. It was nice to drive up to the mountain and relax in about 80* weather. Anyway, the afternoon was just super relaxing and enjoyable, a smile kind of pleasure. /span>

In the late afternoon I headed over to Molly's house for a short BADWATER Crew/Race meeting and we all went over her race plans and crewing orders. I can't believe that Sunday I will be leaving to Badwater and helping her complete this Awesome race!!! Thank you so much Molly! It will be a lifetime experience.

Today is finally a rest day from running. So I will be hitting the gym later for some weights, steam room and stretching! Have a great day!!!



teacherwoman said...

Nice work JT! I need to get back into the weights.

lindsay said...

nice job on the new distance pr! and a 10 mile run the next day... craziness.

RBR said...

Nice job!! 50k training run! Such a BEAST!

You are pacing/crewing for Badwater?! I am soooo jealous and soooo impressed!

Is Rocky yours? He is ADORABLE!

Stef said...

Damn that's a long way. Nice going!