Monday, July 20, 2009

My Run before BW pt. 2..

Yesterday it was JT's time and friends to get there long run for the count down to Headlands 100 (50 miler for us). There was 35 miles on the books and that meant getting to bed no later than 6pm Saturday b/c we were all meeting at 1:30 am to run by 2 am to get it going before the Heat took over.

Once meeting up we were a little behind schedule but no worries as by 2:30 am we were on the road. There was only four of us, Antonette, and Donna and Jeramy, her husband. We made the first stop at the centered vehicle we scheduled, refueled and off we went running the Red Rock Loop which is the same loop I have bike rode before, and climbs from about 2200 feet up to 4700 feet in 6 miles ish! Not pretty but we got it done and completed the circle. I was having a few nutritional problems and it just seemed like I was not taking enough calories in and feeling like I had not energy. Finally back at the centered vehicle for pit stop #2, I was able to refuel and eat pretty good.

Once we started running again, now, all on trails where as the first 19 miles as all on road, I began to feel pretty good and have a good pace going till I decided to kick a rock with my shoe, go flying through the air, manage to pull off some Cirque de Sol move and stay upright but my left ab and right low back took a pull and felt uncomfortable for a little while and once that stopped than it was my right ITB that started showing up and annoyed me for about another 5 miles. Finally, it went away and we were all working up this nice 10% trail for about 2 miles when Antonette and I talked about how hot it had gotten and that we didn't really have enough fluid to continue around the mountain and that we would need to turn back sooner to refuel as attempting to conserve in the hot weather is not a good thing to do.

After talking with the others we all decided to turn back and as we started making our way back, I got really dizzy, again, needing food and just so happens Antonette brought some PayDays! Yes, it was so good and I was soon back on track. Antonette is great! Once about 2 miles out from the refuel I was completely out of fluid and it was about 105*! No shade and did I mention it was Hot! So now the running became a fast walk to try and get back to the car.

Once there I was basically Cooked and being as we were at 32 miles our plan was to run back down the road to make 35 but after the Heat I was done. Too long without water and overhead with a slight headache is my sign to not run anymore. Everyone else agreed that we were done for the day and all started recovering and cooling down.

Just goes to show how fast the Heat can take you out! Today, I am still tired and body is achy from head to toe but that's to be expected, it's 32 miles!

but guess what? It's TAPER TIME!!!



lindsay said...

good lord. getting up to meet at 1:30, and run by 2:30? the heat can be pretty motivating but lord that is early! 32 miles is incredible. i can't even imagine.

Josh said...

I agree!! A 1:30 wake-up call for a run is SO hardcore! I guess everything (even the training) is crazier in Vegas.