Thursday, October 22, 2009

T-3 days..Soma 70.3

First off, thanks josh for the advice. I sometimes forget this and now I don't feel so worried.

The athletes list and instructions came out today and at this time there is 156 athletes in my age group, not including anyone that signs up between now and Saturday.

I am wondering what my race strategy will be actually. I mean I know I have to survive the swim and get out of the water, which by the way is looking like a wet suit swim being in the low 70's. I just checked the water temp now at 2pm and its 75*, I was debating on using the wet suit or the speed suit that S. Baboo was nice enough to let me borrow originally for Cozumel and at this point I guess I am leaning towards the wet suit. Now once out of the water with the help of the wet suit strippers and on to the bike.

Of course nutrition and hydration on the 3 loop course. Aid stations will be at mile 9 and 16 of the loop so other than starting with some water in my aero bottle and one Gatorade bottle I am good to go till the second loop which is good b/c it will give me time to assess the stations as I pass them on the first loop. Now hoping for not too much wind I am looking to actually ride a little uncomfortable out of my zone and see how it works overall. Of course with the technical turns of the course I may not be totally uncomfortable b/c I am not sprinting back up to speed after every turn. We'll see how it all comes together.

Now the run. I have been training on my 4 min run/1 min walks lately and although I seem to be avg. about 10:45ish pace overall I think I will move to the 5/1 and see how it plays out. I can always adjust back to 4/1's. I will be carrying my hand held on this run b/c this is my plan for Cozumel for simply keeping me cool. The aid stations are every mile on this course and my hand held will definetly get me through those to keep me cool. It should be in the mid 80's for the run so that's going to be warm esp. when its been in the 60-70s here in vegas so dumping water on me usually works. I will also carry 2 bottles in my fuel belt for in between the miles. I have even thought about putting on my trail running shorts over my tri shorts in T2 like I did last week on a training brick and it simply was to carry my gels, salts and there just comfortable to run in, but im still undecided on that.

Overall I think it will be a good race if all goes well and no sudden changes in wind or crazy mishaps. I will have fun as I always do and look forward to getting back and pressing on for a couple more weeks till Cozumel.



Stef said...

I think it will be a good race for you too JT!

Great to see you at Pumpkinman! Can't wait to read how things go at Soma!

momo said...

i'll be down there acting like race support! i'll look for you! have a great race!

Josh said...

Your plan sounds like a great one! I like the fact that you're really treating this as a tune-up and making sure that you keep in mind how your race at SOMA will help you finalize your plans for Coz! Have a blast this weekend, looking forward to hearing all about it!

Formulaic said...

You rocked that course!!

You're plan came together like a champ!

Coz is going to be awesome!

CoachLiz said...

Very proud of you JT!!!

You have been puttting in some good key workouts and they seem to be paying off. We need to fine tune that run before Cozumel. I will need to get the debriefing soon.