Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Count down to Soma 70.3

Hey its only 5 days away and I am still wondering how good I can swim. I mean I have a good few swim sets under my belt lately, it will most likely be a wet suit swim somewhere in the 72-75* water temps but does all that really transfer to the NON wetsuit, skin suit of current flowing ocean salt water..???? humm..

I still have time after Soma for swim endurance sets and I know they will come but just makes me wondering how ready am I for Ironman Cozumel. With a couple of centuries left on the bike, some more running as well I feel good with all that but again it makes me wonder and question.

I guess this is good right? I mean, I should be wondering.. It's Ironman! It's not easy! It's tough out there, weather conditions, water currents, humidity, and your body having a mind of it's own. Eeeks!!

Well in 5 days I will have some answers and some more questions!! or doubts or beliefs!!!

5 Days!!!! Soma 70.3 I'm coming after you!



Josh said...

Have a great race this weekend and remember that the swim is really just a warm-up for the rest of the race. Take it (relatively) easy on the swim and you'll make up time on the bike and the run. Looking forward to hearing about it post-race!

Anonymous said...

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