Monday, October 12, 2009

still counting down..

Like I thought it would stop or slow down, yea right!! 47 days it was says today and with only 13 day left till 70.3 Soma, I am 99% scared, 1% excited, or maybe it's 99% excited, 1% scared, but that's what makes it so awesome! (yes, that's from Armageddon)

I will look to get a some Lake swimming in this week in the wet suit just b/c I haven't in the open water since June but if not this week maybe next week and heck, if not then, I guess race day! Not like its my first time in open water but ya know, always good to recall what it feel like.

Training has been coming along well this past week with some good swims, bike and run work. Yesterday's double head wind on the out and back made the ride oh so fun but hey, Cozumel will have wind so nothing I won't be used to other than the Humidity. Which brings me to the scared part of racing in Cozumel and wondering how my body is going to react to the warmed temps and humidity and how that will play out for speed and hydration. Overall, I am still looking to have a great race and finish feel good and if that is longer than my CdA time, that so be it but I hope it's not and time will only tell, especially come race day.



Trishie said...

I can't believe how close we are to race day! from what I understand, the weather will be in the 70s to low 80s on race day.. and if you are as slow as I am ;), a lot of the run will be in the dark. The wind? yeah, I'm a leeetle scared about that !

Pawel said...

Where on the island is the run taking place? I imagine it's on the South side... where, you're right, it's a bit windy. That stretch of the island, however, is not marathon length, which means you'll turn at some point into the jungle and avoid wind for at least part of the run.

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Josh said...

Let it be 99% excitement and 1% fear! Think about everything you've already done this summer and what's an Ironman compared to that? It won't be as hot as Badwater or as hilly as the 50 miler. You're gonna do just fine no matter what the conditions!

lindsay said...

the half iron has def zoomed up quickly!! rest up and good luck!