Tuesday, September 07, 2010

feeln like a slug...

After a great 19 miles, only 18 were planned, Bonus mile! on Saturday morning, I rested up and although I was feeling somewhat of a pull adductor muscle I felt pretty good, or so I thought.

The run started off at 4am and I would run to the a park about 4 miles away but would actually make a couple of extra turns to make for 6 miles before I got there to run with Team in Training Vegas group. All was good and I arrived a few minutes early, actually, was the 1st one there. The group was running 8 miles and 5 miles so as we started out all was good. I walked for a while chatting with one of the gals doing 5 miles and actually she is a walker who takes run breaks! Her walking speed is super fast, I clocked us at 14:20 min/pace! My legs could barley keep up and I was glad when she ran. After her turn around I pushed forward to catch up with the main group doing the full 8 miles and it was a nice turn around downhill grade back to the start. The group started running sub 9's and I had to quickly pull back from them as I still had 4 miles after there 8 to run back home and we still had 3 miles back to the start. By the time we were getting back to the start/finish my legs were feeling tired, I was now at 14 miles and saw I ran a 2 hr. 40 min half marathon.. kinda demoralizing as I thought I was overall faster but what the hell.

As I rest and chatted for a few minutes I noticed my right adductor was a little tight but soon it was time to get moving again and off I went. As I worked my way back and got closer to home I could feel my leg a little more and by the time I was done it was very noticeable. I did somewhat of an ice bath, didn't have enough ice to really make it could and traumeel afterwards and some light stretching. As the day progressed my legs were more stiff than sore except for my adductor. By late afternoon I felt pretty good recovery wise just the adductor thing.

Next morning was a planned 12 mile easy walk/hike/run anything to get the mileage but when I woke up the adductor was just not happy and knew that I would only aggravate it if I went to run so I switched my Monday day off for Sunday and rested up the day, stretching, and working on the adductor throughout the day. Mostly just sore and tender but no real pain, which is a good thing. I also knew that I need to get this under control as this weekend is pacing for Rio Del Lago and I have to be in tip-top ready to go shape.

Monday morning came and I woke up to a stuffy, clogged head with sinus pressure! I quickly took some Clarion-D but as anyone knows who has allergies you certainly don't feel like doing much and I was no exception. I slogged around for a couple hours and finally the damn D kicked in and I felt a little better but by this time I had clearly talked myself out of a run, especially 12 miles worth! In reviewing my schedule for this week it is stated a Recovery Week but I also only have scheduled 20 miles to pace at Rio Del Lago and will actually be pacing 33 if all goes well, so being a recover week and dealing with the adductor/allergies I figured I better listen to what's happening and not get so freaked out on my training numbers.

The rest of the week I will get to the gym and some upper body/core stuff, some easy legs and a couple of shorter runs of 6 on Weds/Thurs. Then I head out on Friday for RDL to hopefully meet up with Baboo and GeekGirl and RBR!!



Mike Russell said...

Tough break yesterday. I have always tried to run through head congestion, but like you, it doesn't always happen. Glad it is a recovery week!

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