Thursday, September 16, 2010

RDL 100 recap...part 1

After all the emotional feeling of things I felt bitter sweet to go to RDL. I mean things are still fresh and just leaving Dez was something I was not really feeling but I knew going to RDL would also charge me. As I arrived Friday morning in Sacramento I waited on Sweet Baboo and GeekGirl to arrive as I was hopping a ride with them to the hotel and go out on the course for GPS wave point stuff, which makes great easy navigation for the crew.

Once they arrived we quickly headed over to the rental car and walked out to find the wheels. Next thing I know Baboo goes here it is and I am like.. Whaaaa!!! No way!!! Pimp! I mean the N.M. Outlaws know how to roll, 2011 Ford Flex AWD, Leather, Navigation, and might as well have had a kitchen sink, bathroom, and whirlpool!!

After rolling out of the parking lot we headed to hotel to check in and luckily was able to get in our rooms. It was in and out as we then headed to Cavitt school which would be registration but also the main area for Start/Finish. Once there we proceeded to head out the course aid stations and mark the course for the GPS unit/navigation. This is totally the way to do it if you have many stations to crew from and will be driving in an unknown city or area. Once we hit the Auburn Dam station we took a break and headed over to Auburn Running Company which is the Ultra run store of Ultra running on the West Coast. The guys here were really nice and offered many tips on the RDL course and even had some Johnny BigFoot shoes for me to try out.

As you can see I had a few boxes of shoes to try out and the dog next to me is the store dog and obviously got board waiting on me to buy shoes. After several road shoes and a couple of trail shoes, I left with these:

Brooks Cascadia 3. Size 15. The good is that I was able to try them on and they felt good, the bad is that Cascadia is now on model 5 soon to be 6 so we'll see how it goes. (So far I have only ran 5 miles in them and was great)

Once getting all our goodies from the store we went to have lunch and then finished the aid GPS stuff and headed back to registration. It was great and fun to see everyone getting signed in and all the energy. Then there was a race meeting where DesertSky Adventures talked about the course and markings, etc. Unfortunately some assfaces who have nothing better to do had been taking down the course markings and would later take down the glow sticks at night that mark the course. I guess they think this is fun for runners or something. Once the meeting was over it was back to the hotel to stretch Catra aka DirtDiva and Andy and then get to bed.

Early morning came and off I went to the start of the race with George V. my roommate and overall great guy/ultra runner. We arrived and the buzz was working through all the athletes getting ready to start there day. 50k'ers and 100 milers all ready to go at 6am! BANG!! off they went and off I returned back to the hotel for another hour or so of sleep and morning buffet at the hotel, then back to sleep till about noon. After getting ready I headed out about 12pm to the race course stopping at Cool Fire Station which is mile 29 and 36.9. As I waited around it was was pretty damn Hot and nothing like Cool suggested! It was about 1-2pm and next thing I know I see Baboo coming down the road which would be his mile 36.9. I was standing around talking to some other crews and as I yelled out "Babooooo!!! Come on man!!! yahooo!!!" They all looked at me like I was crazy on crack and ask.. "what's baboo's real name, cuz we can't tell baboo to him?" LOL.. I said Brian, so the guy started calling him BIG B!! we all cheered him in and I quickly went to see if he needed anything. Luckily I had some sunblock in my car, sprayed him down and off he went. He was doing good and it was pretty freakn' hot out, most likely mid-90's!! After about another hour Catra/Andy rolled through and all was good there too and soon they headed off.

After leaving Cool Fire I headed over to the Auburn Dam station and had plenty of time to relax and wait on Baboo. Later the other crew showed up and we were all waiting on our runners. The guy asked how Big B was feeling and that his wife had came in just after Big B left Cool so they should be close together coming to Auburn. Soon his wife showed up and no Baboo, but wait!!! close behind was Big B as the guy yelled out! Soon Baboo was now known as Big B for the rest of the race. After helping Big B, aka Baboo, get his drop bag, change out his shoes, fill his bottles and pack and chatting with him he was on his way. He seemed like he was doing well and this was mile 44.29. Soon GeekGirl and RBR would be on hands to crew as I would be switching gears to pick up George from the 50k he ran, get him back to the hotel, changed, showered, dinner and ready to pace around 11pm.

As I was back at the Cavitt school, mile 67, it was time for Big B to arrive and the time kept ticking away and no Baboo nor his crew as I figured they would arrive before him. The originator of "Big B" (I didn't get his name the whole day) but his wife had arrived and left and still no B. The guy even asked how he was doing and if he was okay. Being as I had not been on the course for a while I had no idea but I thought he should have been in already. Soon the guy and his crew had to move out and he said to tell Big B to keep moving! Baboo came in about an hour after they left but not before Catra and Andy had passed Big B somewhere along the line. It was now time to head out the door with Catra and Andy, the time was about 12am.

to be continued..



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