Monday, September 20, 2010

RDL Finale..

As we left Cavitt school, Catra, Andy and I all started off and being as I was feeling pretty fresh and ready to go I was quick to ask where to take my position while running, some runners like you on the sides or in front so I wanted to make sure. As we left the school I was wondering about Big B and how was and most importantly where he was. As we made our way over the dam flat top crossing all seemed to be going well. Catra's stomach was a little upset and Andy seemed to be doing good or at least he would never let on if he was not. This guy ran strong all night long and while I stayed in front of Catra he would open gaps on us, stop, wait and even look back to make sure we were coming. I chatted with them both about HURT and some questions but at times I felt it was hard to be asking about MY (and there's) future 100 when the focus was here at RDL so I kind of help my questions for the most part and stayed focused on them.

As soon as we crossed the dam area we came along a runner laying on the side of the road with his pacer just standing there with him. I had recognizing the runner from during the day and I quickly asked his pacer if he was Okay? They said yes, that he just needed to rest. As I ran by I couldn't imagine the exhaustion, pain, and anything else he was experiencing. At the time of looking down at him he actually looked like he was in a peaceful moment. I would later come across one of my newly blogger-family friends that I then realized was the runner on laying in peace on the ground, Run 100 Miles - Christian.

As we left Folsom Dam Overlook it was soon on to Negro Bar, mile 72 and then to Hazel Bluff at mile 77.33. By this time Catra had slowed down some and was having some stomach issues and not really taking in any food/drink. She was worried that she was not going to make the cutoff times but actually was okay on time and had just miscalculated. As the early morning hours wore on and we passed Hazel Bluff we then moved to the part of the course that was a little more on paved sections than single track trails. You are running more in the city by this section of out and back and it seemed to make things go a little quicker although Catra was still not feeling well. By the time we reached Willow Creek at mile 80.70 she had slowed more and became really cold. Her body was beginning to go into hypothermia and at one point I had looked back behind me b/c I didn't hear closely behind me and she was wondering off the side of the trail because she was so sleepy and cold. This is not a good area to be in and even though I have not experienced the feeling I can only imagine from other things I know that once you become cold the urge to go to sleep is very overwhelming. She did stop to take some caffeine pills but overall it takes time to take effect. As we came into Willow Creek she made her decision that she needed to stop.

I believe there comes a time in runners experience that they just know when things are not right and some things you can push through and wait it out and others you simply just know you need to stop. Catra knew she needed to stop. She was feeling bad, cold, and her leg was starting to hurt. She quickly told Andy to continue on so he could finish. He quickly made his way back on the course and I wouldn't see him again till way later in the afternoon at the hotel. He went on to finish and completed two 100 milers within a month of each other!! Congrats Andy!!

As Catra warmed up under a sleeping bag I worked some on her trapz/neck muscles to help her relax and feel better. Soon Bill Andrews showed up and he offered us a ride back to the school to pick up Catra's car which I would then take her to our hotel where she could shower/clean up, rest and then get back to Andy's finish. At Willow Creek we actually waited around for about 30 mins before leaving and still no Big B!! I would have paced for him had he come through but he hadn't so I was soon back at the hotel. Jimmy had textd me asking what happened with Catra, and I explained. I asked him to check on Baboo and let me know his status. He replied back that he had cleared Hazel and Willow Creek. I asked if he could come and pick me up to take me back on the course and quickly he was at the hotel to give me a ride back out there. I had tried calling Geekgirl but couldn't get a hold of her so Jimmy and I went to the final turn around at Mountain Lion mile 83 where Baboo had already made the turn by about 20 mins!! He was completely on the move and the aid station peeps said this guy is SuperMan!! He was behind the extended cutoff and had made up some serious time!!! Jimmy and I headed back to Willow to see if we could catch him there and nope, just missed him by 10 mins!! Damn!!! so to Hazel we went and would definitely catch him there. By this time I had talked to GeekGirl and they were heading to Hazel and would see them there.

As we got to Hazel her and RunBitchRun arrived and I spent a few minutes chatting with them on there 50k and how the crewing went during the night learning that Baboo, The Big B, had some serious problems and low's during the night but now that the Sun was coming back up was feeling like a new man and as the aid station guy put it.. Superman!! I was ready to run when the Big B came Thundering in to AC/DC. This guy was rockn' out and didn't look like he had been running 89 miles!! We quickly slapped a High 5 and he yelled out, "Let Go To Work!!" .... (right before this as he was getting fuel and nutrition Baboo asked for the AMP. I said what's that? GeekGirl goes some energy drink I game him. By this time Baboo had opened and was downing, no wait, guzzling this stuff like it was made of Gold, like it was better than the best of anything on the planet. Burp... Crush the can on his forehead and throws it down!.. Now., the High 5)..!!

As we took off from Hazel we had a nice downhill grade that was pretty steep. I remember coming up this thing at night so it was good to see it during the morning light. It's about 6am or so and once at the bottom of this there is a short asphalt flat for about 1/2 mile than you make a turn and go back on to the single track trail. There were other morning runners out by now and cheering on the Big B as we ran. I noticed that Baboo was singing Low Rider and enjoyed his chanting of Low, Ride'rrrr.. Get's a lil lower.. Once we made the turn back on to the single track trails Baboo was ahead of me and I was just following along then I noticed that he started to pick up the pace and was attacking some of the short rollers we were climbing. I thought it was just the boost of the music and such and he would slow down but instead he got FASTER!!! I am working and breathing hard to keep up with him and as we approach some other climbs, Big B lets out some Attack Yells/Shouts!! He's in the Zone and powering up these things. The gap between is slowly starting to open up and I noticed he has not once turned around to check on me. The music is rockn in his ears and grunt/attack after attack the gap continues to grow. I check my Garmin and notice that we are running low 9 min/miles!! at mile 90!! WTF!!! and even one time I looked at my Garmin it said 8:17/pace!! OMG! no wonder I am about to puke a Lung! There is no way I can keep this pace and think to myself just hang on till Nego Bar at mile 94 but being as we still have 2 miles to go I know I cannot hold a 9 min pace so I slowed up and let him go.. Ohh wait.. I stopped and walked!! hahaha.. I pulled out my cell and called GeekGirl..

ring ring.. GeekGirl: Hello

JT: What the Hell did you give him?

GG: What?..

JT: This guy is on Fire!! He's running low 9 min/miles.. We are 2.5 miles away and He Freakn' DROPPED ME!!!! I can't keep up!

GG: (laughing on other end)... I gave him AMP, energy drink. Ohh yea, I forgot to tell you, he does that to all his pacers, don't feel bad, he has done that to me a few times. Just keep running and you'll probably catch up to him, he'll slow down in a while.

JT: Okay.. will do. See ya soon.

I kept running and on some sections I could see the Big B laying the dust trail down and still on Fire! I saw another runner up ahead and worked to catch up to him. Finally I came upon Roger. He is a great guy who has done this course like 8 time before. He asks me if I am running the race and looks at me up and down, most likely looking for my race number. I said No, you saw that guy in the white shirt that passed like 5-10 mins ago, he was my runner and I am the pacer, LOL.. but he dropped me after Hazel. Roger said, yeah that guy was behind me 55 mins at the turn around at Mountain Lion, which means 110 mins overall to catch him and now he's in front of me!! WTH!! I said, yeah tell me about it. I paced last night for 13 miles and got dropped in 2.!! haha.

I ran with Roger till the finish and learned and chatted a lot with Roger. Great Guy and wonder to run with. As we crossed near Folsom Prison I could hear the sound of the inmates cranking out there morning exercise routine with jumping jacks, 1,2,3, 5, 1,2,3, 6, 1,2,3, 7 etc.. It was an amazing site at such an hour in the morning. I mean we ran by the prison at night but couldn't even tell but morning time it was a whole new look.

Making our way through the last aid stations we were starting, or more like Roger was starting to catch and pass runners. Finally in the last 3 miles once passing Folsom Dam we came around a corner and there was Baboo, walking!!! Yes, the AMP had wore off 8 miles later! haha.. Geekgirl was with him and we were closing fast. I yelled to him.. Yo Big B!!! He turned around and saw us coming. He than started walking a little faster and than started jogging. Roger was on the same pace/jog that he had been on since I started running with him and asking him about it he easily said that is what he does, His thing, works for me all day long. Its not fast, its not too slow and it just works. As we approached Big B, I said.. Baboo.. we're gonna Pass You!! Ohhh the agganzing misery of the pacer that got dropped !!! lol... (actually, I secretly knew this would like a spark for Big B and carry him to the finish. I just knew there would be NO WAY he would let Roger pass him) Roger had picked up his pace when we got close to Baboo in slight attempted to real Baboo in but when I saw Baboo pick up his pace I told Roger, hey Big B is not gonna just let you pass him so if you want to beat him in let's work it and I'll help you try. Roger says very quickly... No I am okay with finishing behind him. (Actually Roger continued to run a little faster but by this time Big B had the 99th wind and was pushing to finish up.

The last mile was just an amazing feeling to see Baboo sprinting it in and running with Roger made it feel good. It almost that same feeling like finishing an Ironman! You're so glad to be done so happy to have made it. My only part I was missing was that it was not for me and I was short about 77 miles!! ha!. As I made it back to the school I went inside and Baboo was sitting there on a school desk chair and smiling! I gave him the high 5 we had started with and happy he was done. We soon grabbed this picture:

An awesome job well done by Big B and his crew. So happy for you all. After this we quickly made our way back to the hotel to rest, shower and eat! Later, I went to dinner with Baboo and GeekGirl enjoying my time with some great friends! They dropped me back off at the hotel as they made there way out to the airport and I would see them again at Javelina 1o0 next month. I spent the rest of the afternoon rest and then the following day it was a long morning flight back to Vegas.

After all the emotional stuff from the week prior it was good to see my friends all taking on RDL100. I enjoy all my time and all I could to help out along the way. Please check out Baboo's blog recap on his race and even GeekGirls and RBR's!! and my new bloggy friend Run100.

I still am in a little shock in what I got myself into in 116 days!!



S. Baboo said...

RDL was a great time! Dropped or not I really appreciate your help. THat warning about Rodger was much appreciated because I needed some time to build up a head of steam. See you at JJ!

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