Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend at large..

Let's get straight to training updates!
Friday, I went out to Twin Lakes for a little open water swimming again with some fellow Team in Training people. Swam ~1000 w/wet suit, I think I started too fast as I tired within the first 300 and couldn't seem to find a groove after that but got it done.
Then once out of the water and wet suit off, the sports doc, JD, said let's swim to the Tiki Man and back with no wet suits. WTF! Are you kidding me, its a lake, I can't touch, I might drown, it's too far, I'm freakn out! After a little pushing I jumped in and swam to Tiki Man and back which was about 200 meters! Yahoo! I did it! So know I know my 400 meter swim of Silverlake is do able!! I was really just nervous and not confident in my swimming but a little push factor and I got it done, thanks JD.
Saturday morning JD and I and there were about 4 others scheduled to ride met at a high school parking lot. Well, turns out the 4 others canceled/no showed and so JD and I were off. Cruising along at a stead 16mph and just taking. I noticed my HR was reading 150 the hole time and I felt good, a little winded at times but with a few deep breathes I was OK. After JD suckn wheel for a while he took the lead and let me do some drafting, this was pretty cool, b/c I have never really been where I can draft so to feel the difference was interesting. We didn't stay like that too long and I dropped out of the zone but the 22 mph with the tail wind we had was cool!
After 28 miles we transitioned out and started running from the high school down to Twin Lakes as they were having a big open water swim meet. The run was about 2 miles round trip. It was a little hot by this time so before we headed back to the high school we jumped in the lake for a cool off! It was great! Got done, headed back to the cars and home we went.
Now for the final word!!!! (drum roll please.......) I will be starting work with the sports doc, JD, on May 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (amen to that!!!)
I'm some ways it was good that the others didn't show up b/c it gave us time to talk a little business and get some things worked out.
Oh yeah, after I got home I was so excited about the workout and starting work I was totally a jabber box and my family was like, dad, slow down!! breath...haha..(and then to make it more funny, my daughter had a friend staying over and she was like, Does your dad come back from riding his bike like that all the time? haha.. now that's funny!)
After filling in the family and getting cleaned up, it was off to lunch and then to Corteo - Cirque du Soleil. Any of the du Soleil's are amazing and this was no different! The show was totally awesome and I am so amazed at there athletic/gymnastic abilities! If you have never seen a show go to one when you get the chance, Yes, the tickets are expensive but worth it!!
Then it was home for some family TV time as we all watched Pear Harbor together, nice and then off to bed.
Today, even after sleeping 8.5 hrs I feel tired and pulse was a couple of beats higher. My run of 5 miles is scheduled today but I might move/skip it as I don't feel recovered at this time.
Have a great Sunday all... rockon`


Molly said...


on the swim without the wetsuit

on taking advantage of an
opportunity to talk to JD

for landing the job

for having a job you love so much that teenagers think you are talking fast (you must have been talking FAST!)

Take Care

momo said...

awesome, awesome! the swim, the bike, the run, the JOB! you've been really patient and its paid off.

congratulations, big time!!

and you are SO going to be ready for that race, no sweat!

Duane said...

Just came across your blog from Momo's. Will the 20th be yout first tri? I see you are going to Redman! Will you be doing the 1/2 or the full? I'll be there doing the 1/2.

TxSkatemom said...

Congrats!! All in good time, my man, all in good time! What a great feeling you must be on! So many great things all at once -- WTG!!

Allez said...

congrats on everything! I can only imagine how excited you are! :-)

Andra Sue said...

Congrats on the J-O-B!!! And the swim stuff, too. :)