Saturday, June 02, 2007

Theres a new race in town.

First off a big thanks to BIGUN for the heads up on the update to the new added distances for the following event:
November 11, 2007 The Woodlands will host Triathlon 101 which the Bigun himself and family will be in town along with IM Myles to attempt to put some damage on us Texas boys! so stayed tuned..
As the Bigun himself is out preparing for Alcatraz, Way to Go!, he updated me on the new added distances to the Tri 101, which are as follows:

Middle Distance 50.5 = .93mi Swim - 40.3mi Bike - 9.3mi Run

Sprint Distance 25.5 = .50mi Swim - 20mi Bike - 5mi Run
I'm totally excited about the new distance's and will be looking at the Middle Distance if not the 101 after the Ironhead Dallas Olympic that it looks like I will be shooting for now July 15th.
Training: So yesterday I went for the first ever No Wet Suit swim! JD and myself ended up swimming about 700 meters. I was a little shaky and my form was weak but I got it done and with the coming week we will be getting back out there at least 2 more times before Tejas and I will be fine. Scott, one of the other new doctors that has come on board at Spine and Sports Therapy came out to the lake to get a few pointers on his swim technique and let me say he did great for not really knowing how to freestyle swim, way to go!
Today, I am feeling a little fatigue and my sides are sore. My wife has been walking regularly and is gearing up to walk/jog the Houston 1/2 Marathon! which will be her first every all time event. I'm so proud of her!


TxTriSkatemom said...

if you're coming up to DFW, then I will have to come out to cheer y'all on, then, won't I? And meet my first real tri-blogger in person!! Wahoo!

Dude, my swim today, I am even more in awe of the open water swimming you do. seriously.

Molly said...

Great job on the swim. Remember to relax andtrust yourself!

I am going to practice open water swimming with my Momma (for the relay tri) later this month...i am sure you will be an expert by then!

Congrats to your wife...careful, she might get hooked like me!

Take Care

Shelley said...

Hey...i'll be in woodlands for the 101 too!!!!!

Allez said...

Cool new banner :-)

Myles said...

Very cool, new distances for the 101 series...I'm out'a the loop.

So now maybe we'll see you!

Deb said...

How cool for your wife!!!! I run off and on so I'm right there with her and the run/walk combo. Keep up your training and support her to!!!

Bigun said...

Thought you might like that - get yourself ready for whatever distance you feel comfortable with - HAVE FUN - but at the same time, stretch your limits....without getting hurt - that's the hard part...