Friday, August 31, 2007

what is the Challenge?

I was reading Iron Andrews blog the other day and he asked the question, What's Your Challenge? After reading his blog I had to really think about this and it has taken me a few days to reflect. What I have come to is that my challenge is unclear.

Now I like that fact of a challenge, especially in Ironman, as we all know you have a 17 hours to complete 140.6 miles. Physically, that is a challenge in itself but the mental challenge that will occur that day is anything beyond what you can train for. After reading blog race recaps from Geek Girl, Dying Water Buffalo, Sweet Baboo, and Steven's Tri Station it seemed them and others have a specific challenge. I know mine is to Finish the distance and cross the line for that Finishers Medal but there just seems to be more to it than that.

Is it the training along the way? The personal satisfaction of training and completing? Learning what your body can and Won't do? Or is it helping bring awareness like the Blazeman, #179. It is so much bigger leading up to the race event than just training. Although I am still searching for my Challenge, and it may be that I have more than one, I look forward to going down that road over the next 9 months and stay tuned. Have a great Holiday Weekend! rockon


momo said...

i think you will have many challenges over the next nine months and the satisfaction of overcoming the obstacles on your way to ironman will make it all that sweeter. but, i think each person's challenge changes as we change along the way.

here's to figuring yours out! :-)

Tea said...

funny that you mentioned this. i was thinking about the same thing on my bike today. I started thinking (believe it or not) about 5 year goals. Where do I want to take this triathlon thing?

very cool process.