Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bring on the Chop!!!

AS you can see by the pictures below this Open water swim was just a little Choppy!! lol

So Formulaic texts me and says I should get to the Lake for some practice in the chop as CdA might bring winds and swimming in Lake Mead's chop will give good experience. Now one thing he didnt think about was Sure I could go do this but I needed Safety and he just got asked to come along. He and Mrs. Form came on out to the chop which was totally great and I thank you both super much!

So as you can see it was no smooth glass swimming here. The water temp was listed at 67* but felt cooler and we determined it was about 64*. Warm compared to CdA.

We get set and away we go. It took just a little to get used to and then Form and I were off and swimming toward a buoy while Mrs. Form was swimming parallel to the shore. It was a little crazy timing the waves of 3-4ft. but we managed to get a little swimming in and experience swimming with, against and along side of the waves.

Now if CdA is anything like our swim, I doubt it will even happen, it was pretty rough although some of the pics dont really appear so but if it happens to be like this than at least I wont be totally freaked out and panic.

16 days!!



SWTrigal said...

OMG-a hot tub compared to last time I swam in that lake!
Great training!

Kathleen said...

I didn't realize that lake was so cool!

Bigun said...

bwahahah - that's nothing.

GeekGirl said...

I'm glad you're getting to choppy cold practice in! Let's cross our fingers that there's no chop at CDA. Cold I think I can handle, but chop AND cold? Not so much.