Monday, June 09, 2008

Say What...

it's tapering time.. yup as this is the start of the 2nd week of taper and things are looking and feeling good! (don't believe anything Formulaic says, wait, it's pretty much all true!! Dang! and yeah I also got good practice on looking over my should and holding my line to see him checking out my bike form from afar, hehehe.)

I was able to get a 2 OWS swims in with Formulaic and the Mrs. and what a great experience as the first one brought nice big waves and the 2nd brought smaller faster waves. Rounded out the 1.2 mile swim in 52 mins swimming with the waves and against so it was great experience and a nice slow time, wait, I am slow! HA! And I was also able to try out the Neoprene head cover which really worked even though the water was only about 64-65*.

On Saturday morning Formualic came over nice and early and we were out the door on my side of town heading to Red Rock for a nice easy 60 miles. The wind was kicking from the left for the first nine miles which made the gradual grind it out uphill climb not as fun as it usually is, yes, it's FUN! But when we made the turn onto the loop we had a little push through that part of the course. There were some of the Las Vegas Tri club peeps out riding and I was able to talk to a few, one who gave me a few ideas/suggestions for CdA as he took the Dave Scott Seminar when he did IMFL07. At one part of the loop where we have some nice down hill I pushed the HR and was able to catch a guy that had dropped me earlier on one of the climbs. Soon after Form and I made our way back to the house and quickly performed a T2.

As we set out on the run it was feeling nice and hot and even with sun block it didnt take long to start playing the HR game. Run until the HR gets too high and than walk to bring it back down. I started with 6 mins runs and 1 min walk but again with the heat I wasnt able to keep cool long enough to keep my HR down. So anyway, Form was nice enough to run with me and once finally over heating and getting sun burned I stop at 5 miles. Oh, Form had these DeSoto White Arm Coolers (compliments of Mrs. Form, ur so spoiled Form) that were pretty neat and he said they totally kept him cool, although I am not sure how as the boy didn't even have a hat! Dude, get a hat!! lol..

Well what can I say, I am overheating and inside and Mr. Badass Form with the DeSoto Arm Coolers went outside to run up and down my streed like 7 1/2 times!! to round out his mileage to 8. Way to go dude!!

Sunday I rode on the trainer for about an hour messing with my seat again and my aero bars and I feel finally 85-90% comfortable! It will have to do for CdA and now I am worried that when i break the bike down for plane shipping I'll be back at 60-70% cuz I wont be able to get it back in the right spots. But I am going to mark every freakn` angle and distance there is!

This week finds more cut backs and rest! Yes!

And as posted on the IronmanCdA Peeps bloggers site, I had to order these b/c I figured if we can use them why not get them before I get to CdA and pay 2-3x as much!



Kathleen said...

Arm coolers??? That might be nice to try. Although they would give me some crazy-weird tan lines on my arms! :-)

SWTrigal said...

Hey JT-I didn't find those arm coolers made my arms very cool but then Brian told me it is a good place to put ice (inside your arms to cool the arteries). I am going to wear them at IMCDA and use this method..BTW (previous comment)-the sun shines right through them so use sun screen..

Stef said...

I was all set to not believe Formulaic until you admitted it is pretty much all true. NICE. :-)

Glad you got some time in the chop!

Excited for you as CDA approaches -- you sound ready to rock the course!!

Molly said...

You sound so ready!
Keep up the good work...and keep those arms cool!
Take Care