Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's down to the wire.

In just a few short hours, tomorrow; Jenn and I will be heading out to Coeur d'Alene. So we go from the picture of Vegas to nice Pine Tree's and Mountains.

Everything is pretty much laid out on my floor and ready to go into the suit case. The goal for tonight is break down the bike and get it pack and finalize everything in the suit cases. Then head over to Jenn's and help her with packing!

But before I pack up the bike I have to show you my newly borrowed wheels!

Thanks Liz!! I am looking forward to the Extra 2 gears on the cassette as well for this course!

Work is busy so I am trying to wrap things up and make it known that I am leaving tomorrow at 2pm!! I feel great. EXCITED, NERVOUS, SCARED! But I am as ready as I can be. It will be exciting to just be at an Ironman event! I will be taking all kinds of pictures. And Speaking of pictures, here is a nice picture from Bigun` who is already up at race site, taken this morning: I think Bigun' might be eating at that PANCAKE HOUSE!!

I will have a laptop and will try to update on Fri/Sat. but no promises... so hopefully the next blog will be from CdA..

See you all soon, or maybe you'll see me on !!!!!



Kathleen said...

Have fun, you'll do great! Can't wait to hear about the whole trip :-)

Ryan said...

Rock it JT, I'll be watching!

teacherwoman said...

Good luck this weekend! I look forward to reading all about it! YOu will rock it!

Molly said...

Have a great time!
You are going to ROCK!!!!!
Take Care

Coach Tammy said...

What is it about Ironman? I am so excited for all you guys!!! Wish I could drive over... hmm.. well, I could, but I'm going to a margarita-type party Sunday afternoon, so maybe not a good idea. Go the distance!! woohooo!!!!

CoachLiz said...


Done with the swim. I was getting a little concerned but you did it in the 59.5 degree water.

Nice T1 time--Now on to the bike...

CoachLiz said...


Keep it up for the next 78 miles!

CoachLiz said...


They were playing the Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get It Started" Just before your swim start as the pro racers started out on their second swim loop.

I bet everyone was thinking "YES! LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!!"

HA! Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" after the gun went off on your start.

CoachLiz said...

You are on the run now! They gave bike splits but no run splits...SUCK!!!

Keep going JT, you are almost to the Promised Land!!!

CoachLiz said...



I am so proud of you and the journey that you have made over the last year. It was so good to see your smiling face crossing that finish line. Too bad you did not see me waving at my laptop screen at you!

Love you lots and I cannot wait to hear all about your race.

Zard :0)

Borsch said...

CONGRATS on the were the Zipps?

Jane said...

Congrats on your first Ironman!

TriSherpa Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

rotflmao - we were indeed eating at that pancake house!! lol
Congratulations JT!! It was awesome to see you racing and looking so strong. I'll pass along some pictures in the next few days
xoxox for you and Jen!