Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Return..

Well after getting back on Tuesday I have been in recovery mode. Totally in recovery mode. I've been on the couch more time this week that total time since I have owned the couch! I have been eating pretty good too and sleeping well. Today is the first day that I don't feel any soreness and although I have felt like doing some sort of exercise I have refrained.

On a great note, I have signed up to volunteer for IMAZ 08 in Nov and look forward to going down and seeing Momo and family as well as some of the Outlaws cranking it on the course. Humm.. and maybe JT will be looking to sign up for Nov. 2009!.. we shall see.

I have finally downloaded some of my pictures and will look to post them in a day or two. So what's next for Iron JohnnyTri.. In reflecting more about my race day the first thing is obvious. I need to get faster everywhere. The swim part I will take to the pool with a local masters group. This will probably be my main focus for the next few months leading up to Soma! Oh! Did I say that out loud? Ya, I am going to look to sign up for it in a few weeks if it doesn't sell out and also look to sign up for the Disney Marathon in Jan 09. 

There is lot's to do and although my Ironman is done I really think I have been bit by the IM BUG as I'm wishing I would have signed up for Cda 09, like a few other bloggers have but I wont mention any names just yet until they reveal themselves! Hint:
They are local to my area. HA!

This coming week I will also be looking at some iron in the weight room. Something that I have not seen for a long time and should enjoy the change of pace.

Have a great weekend...



teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you are recovering well and taking advantage of the down time!

Bigun said...

you were skeered to do CdA again. Ha! great race jt, again - and maybe I'll sign up for disney in january and run it with you. We'll see....

Molly said...

still so proud of you...before you are hard on yourself about your times make sure to really let what you accomplished set are, and always will be an Ironman!
Take Care

Stef said...

I agree with Molly -- for at least four weeks after Ironman you should bask in it and give yourself credit for what you've done.

Here's a funny post about that very thing if you're interested:

Kathleen said...

can't wait to see some pictures!

TriBoomer said...


Big fat congratulations on becoming an IRONMAN!

I just posted a video of you finishing IM CdA on

The link is:

If you'd like a copy of the file sent to you in a CD just drop me a line with your address.

Stay tuned...

Evan & Nicole Faucette said...

Yay! Thats awesome, I just watched the video. You look suprisingly coherent crossing the finish line, I would be crawling across the line. :)

Formulaic said...

Dude, you looked awesome crossing the finish line! Liek it was an easy stroll!

Now...SOMA sounds bad ass and AZ?? Out of this world.

All we need to do is get Ms. Jenn to sign up too. YEAH! She's got a WHOLE year to train!


Bigun said...

great finisher's video!