Monday, June 02, 2008

it's TAPER

THE TAPER!! Is that what we all work for weeks on end to get to in the last step to Ironman? Well, JT, has officially made it there and I wonder just how well prepared I am?

This comes from a long day in the saddle on Saturday when I went over to Dave’s house and got set up on his computrainer. I set everything up just like race day will be and started plugging away at the 1st of 2 loops but only planning on doing the 1 loop. Inside Dave’s garage it was getting a little warm, although out of the direct sunlight I timed my bottle refills and bathroom breaks with the actually course and only stopped where there were such things. I did have to stop a couple of extra times and mess with the damn seat again as it was totally uncomfortable and giving me problems! I don’t think I ever got it 100% but it stop bothering me for short periods of time and I was able to “deal” with it.

As I cranked through the 25-40 miles where the Hills are for this course my avg. speed dropped as expected and by the time the last 15 miles came I was ready to crank it back up but kept my HR where it should be and finished the 56 miles at 3 hrs 33 mins. I decided I should keep going as Dave as not back from his ride so I restarted the trainer and away I went for the 2nd lap. Dave showed up when I was around mile 68 by which time I had started up the tv with the Tour de France of Lance winning #7 and was just cranking away. We chatted a bit and he went inside to do what he had to do. By this time I was ready to feel what I was going to feel like come the Hills and soon I was finding out! As I went into the just pedal and watch tv zone I really began to get tired but next thing I knew I was out of the hills and heading back into town.

The last 15 miles are pretty flat with mild down grade and I was ready to get off the bike as I was out of Gatorade and my seat was still bothering me! So the end of the 2nd loop, time: 3:45 mins. Total 112 miles = 7:18 of Actual Moving time, but with seat changes, bathrooms and stretching just cause, it was 7:45.

Thoughts: This course is a little tougher than I was expecting but if the trainer provides a harder bike than I will be more mentally and somewhat physically prepared. I was not looking to be on the bike this long but again if I am than I know not to panic as I will be within all the cutoff times even if I come out of the water 2:18 mins and get on the bike by 9:30am, worst case scenario.

I will make it to the run and from then on it will be just get to the end, so SWTRIGAL I will be looking for you.

But what an accomplishment, 112 MILES ON THE FREAKN` BIKE TRAINER!!!!!!! YEA!!!

I was so tired on Sunday that I didn’t even run, I slept and ate and slept some more. Today I feel better and will look to get some short runs and swimming in as the bike mileage drops out and we get closer!



Spokane Al said...

112 miles on a trainer! You are a glutton for punishment. See you at IM CDA!

SWTrigal said...

Was this the IMCDA course on the trainer (and did not die of boredom)? Wow-I am impressed..You did all that on a trainer-IMCDA will be a piece of cake!

Kathleen said...

112 on the trainer!?!? You're crazy!

1HappyAthlete said...

112 on a trainer? The race will be a piece of cake compared to that!!

tri-dogmom said...

Welcome to the TAPER.

Seriously. You did 112 miles INDOORS! Wow.
I totally would have shot myself :-)

Stef said...

Not only 112 on the trainer, but 112 in a GARAGE in VEGAS. Dude. I can barely stand 1:30 on the trainer.

I bow to your awesomeness -- enjoy the taper!

S. Baboo said...

Dude I am begging for mercy after 5 minutes on a trainer. I have actually only ridden a trainer ONE time for maybe 45 minutes and that is the last time ever. Heat, wind, freezing temps, rain anything but the trainer!

As far as mental toughness goes IMCdA will be nothing even if you encounter your worst case scenario, which you won't.

Ryan said...

If you can do a trainer for that long, you have the mental toughness to do IMCdA. Apparently numb Cajones too!

JohnnyTri said...

thanks all, the trainer was tough even being on the CompuTrainer and having computer interacting and seeing the course. 112 is long period!

see you all in 17 days!