Sunday, June 15, 2008

One week from today.

This time next week the race will be on!! and we will all be out there doing our thing or others will be watching online and checking in on there special race athlete.

Taper has been everything as expected. Feeling cooped up and resting all week does have it's disadvantages. It gives you lot's of time to think if you have done enough to make it to the finish line of 140.6 miles. I guess this could be looked at as a positive thing as the mental game of Ironman must be considered. There are types of situations to think about and realize that you must handle them with calmness and patience's. Keep moving at all costs! I have actually enjoyed Taper, maybe, too much as my workouts this week were really short or non existent but either way the time has come and no amount of training, either short, long, intense or easy can make me any more ready for next Sunday!

As I am checking the weather forecast, it seems it keeps changing and now there looks like some rain is possible, 30% on one forecast and 60% on another. Can we really predict what the weather will be, humm, probably not but does it really matter in the grand scheme of Ironman? No. B/c just like all the other athletes out there we will all enter the water, rain or shine!

This week I will look to finalize my packing and lists to make sure I have everything. I will pack up my bike on Wednesday and come Thursday it will be time to go. The week will be short but also long in anticipation. I will be looking to hit Lake CdA on Friday to really get a feel for this cold water.

Today, Father's Day, I enjoy the time with my dad and talking about the race and listening to the last minute mental strategies and any advice he can provide. He and Mom will be watching that day and I know he will be glued there all day!

until next time...



Kathleen said...

Enjoy the week of rest and reflection!

Formulaic said...

5 days! No worries, Mate!

You've trained, you've retrained and now it's go time.

That feeling of anticipation? That's your body saying it's READY!

We'll be watching.