Monday, August 31, 2009

Counting and Im Famous!!

Where to begin? How about the training recap for the week. Ughh.. well it was good but not the Best and not where it needs to be! Why? Well b/c I am still finding my Ironman mojo for training. I remember this feeling last year for CdA and some times it just takes everything you have to complete one workout and others you feel as if you could do 3 a days! I was able to complete some workouts this week but I will definitely have to step things up now that it's HFS.. 89 days!!

That's right, it's on like crazy and although I was feeling pretty darn tired today, it has begun! As JT remembers from CdA.. the next 90 days are really critical in TCB!! (that's Taking Care of Business!!, hello, Vegas, Elvis's favorite saying) N..E..wayz.. I am actually looking forward to the long bike and it's only Monday.. I will also be back on the trainer this week for the short workouts only b/c I have to! So wish me luck in all that!

Now as all of you know JT is famous and with my superb athleticism I am worldly known,, Ya Whatever!! but hey, I was in the Las Vegas Review Journal Sunday paper on page 2 of the sports section thanks to Molly Sheridan who I was so privileged to crew for at Badwater and her story was printed this weekend. Be sure to watch the Video on her journey, its about 14 mins long, simply amazing! I was actually biking with Formualic when I got the text from her saying I was in the paper with her.

Let's talk about that biking with Formulalic. We met up yesterday in the morning and took off from my regular 95 North route ready to put 56 miles down. As soon as we started you could really smell the smoke from the Cali fires that blew in over the weekend, ughh!! At first I didn't think it was that bad but just after a few minutes it was not fun to breath in, but the good thing is that the farther we got out from Vegas the better it "seemed". We rode great all the way to the turn around at Indian Spring town, refueled and headed back. Now even after my legs not really feeling up for the work, as they were tired from Saturday's 12 mile run with TNT I was able to stay aero for quite a while and just work in the position with a good heart rate. On the way back the course is a little more grind it out long easy grades which you can stay aero but now you add in the 15-20mph head wind and things just become not so fun anymore. We both were staying as aero as we could but the wind just worked us and in repeat fashion at about mile 34, pop! there goes my back tire! After getting changed and ready to roll.. Form starts yelling and his back tire went flat while waiting on me.. Guess his bike was feeling a little jealous from the attention I was giving mine. After getting his changed we were back into the wind and working to the end which didn't seem like we were getting any closer to. It was much hotter, I was running out of water and the smoke was increasing again getting closer into Vegas. Finally, I made it back and was glad to be done. Overall, the ride felt harder just due to the wind and running low on water. I was about 15 mins slower than last week but no worries b/c I got that shit done!

Rested up and then went to the movies.. the company was much better than the movie in my opinion.

The weekend was great overall !! Training was good overall for the weekend!! I'm Happy.. for more reason's but that is another story..



teacherwoman said...

We have a real celebrity on our hands! Wahoo!

lindsay said...

too funny that you both got flats :) well, not funny, but you know.

get it in gear johnny! 89 days (less than that by now) will be up before you know it. get focused and work it!!