Saturday, August 15, 2009

recovery, training, and thought.

Today is a week post Headlands 50. Matter of fact at this this time last week we were starting back on the loop, ugghhh, what a day!

During the week I was able to recover pretty well, actually better than I thought. The leg soreness was gone by Thursday but I still notice some slight joint tenderness but by Friday that was mostly gone and especially after my swim (yes, swim!!) that really seemed to be gone. Today, I feel great but tomorrow will be the real test to see where things are at with a short Brick workout, nothing like jumping right in, ehh Coach!

Post-Race Thoughts:

Okay, so now that I have had some more time to process the Headlands race and my overall performance. I am super happy that I completed it and it's such an amazing thing that I worked to do, BUT...!!! I am a little disappointment with myself that during all the side stitch stuff that it really became "mind over matter, and if you don't mind, it doesn't matter" A great quote from someone special but here's the deal. I let that stitch Mind and then it became Matter which slowed me down and made things uncomfortable. I really think that I let it control me too much but know that I know what the feeling is and why it occurred it won't happen again. With all this I feel a part of me let Antonette down b/c I was whining and slowing us down as a team. Well again this is post race thinking and it's one thing I think and feel I could have done better. Recovery wise I think I did the best I could, got a massage, took a B12 shot, slept a lot, ate good and stretched some so not much to say there. Would I do it again? Absolutely! That course maybe not so much right now but yes, I will find Ultra again after Ironman!

On to the swim. Yes, I managed to drag myself to the pool yesterday with a slight headache and swim out 1000 meters. I didn't really track overall time but I was tired on the swim sets and knew that I have work cut out for me. The bike will be interesting tomorrow and I am looking forward to see how things feel there.

Is it me or is it just the way it goes.. that sometimes you have to have more patience than you ever thought you could..???



teacherwoman said...

yes, patience is difficult. Nice work!

Trishie said...

congrats on the 50 miler! that's awesome :)

Trishie said...
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Stef said...

Oooh JT be careful about too much breakdown of this race. I'm only saying this cause it was your first 50 miler on an extremely hard course.

It's totally normal to look back on what you could have done differently just please give yourself enough credit. :-)

Sorry for the advice that you did not ask for but I can't help myself what you did was so awesome!!!!

Of course you are also learning for next time -- sounds like there will be a next time too YOU ROCK!