Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday.!! recapping.

As the week comes to an end and the "Big" training weekend is upon us I look back this week to see how I actually did for training. As if you haven't noticed, today marks 99 days till IMCZ!! Holy CRAP!!

Okay, so I was able to get a few swims, a bike at the beginning of the week, a couple of strength training sessions, and some run work. I have a swim scheduled tomorrow so that will help the weekly numbers.

Let's first talk about the run. Now you would Think that coming off the Headlands 50 and all the training that I did for that, that I would have some good running legs. Well not really sure what happened today, dehydration mostly, after talking with Liz, but after 15 miles of which 9 were on road and the other 6 on trails (yes, as I was running on the road I saw a dirt path and off I went, can't resist it now!) but by the end of the 15 I was toast! I did not really do a good job of hydrating yesterday so I think that got me as well as starting too fast on the road! What JT, too fast!! haha, yeah right!!! I'm about as fast as Formulaic putting his bike together post IMCdA!!

Not only did I manage to get my longest run done since Headlands I am paying the tired price this afternoon, so once again, looking at hydration as the factor. No worries as the run was good, I got to see new road/trails and got it done is the main factor.

I ordered this book and it finally arrived so I am super happy to get to reading:

Yes, there is going to be more Ultrarunning in the near future, I have a few events I'm looking at come early next year so get ready for that!

Well everyone have a great weekend and shout out to Joyce, the rd for here in town who is off to run LeanHorse 100 in South Dakota!! Smash it Joyce!!



Formulaic said...

Give it a year and that'll be you heading off to SD!!

Josh said...

wow, 15 miles! keep in mind that you JUST did a 50 mile race! Should it be surprising that your legs are a little less-than-fresh?!
Keep us posted how that book is, I'll add it my list.

lindsay said...

i would be blaming the crud-running on hmm the fact that you just ran a 50-mile race! i'm sure they might still have some sludge hanging around in there. 98 days to go - go workout!

John said...

We got 93 days now. Time to get it on. Still, your mileage looks good.