Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Training with a curve ball.

I actually can't believe that I have swam 2 times in the past 3 days! I go from running like Forest to the pool. Well, not that I am complaining but it is interesting how things change in the day and life of me.

The brick on Sunday was pretty good. It was hot out b/c I got a late start due to a little excess partying the night before, but well worth the extra beers and time spent with friends out on the dance floor. Other than getting dieseled bombed by asshole in the white F350 who not only covered me in exhaust fumes but also managed to kick up gravel from the shoulder, luckily I didn't catch any with my face, the bike was pretty good and fast thanks to the tailwind. The run was short, well compared to my previous running, but again a good feel for transitioning and settling down.

This week, track workout, more swimming, some short bike and run workouts along with a couple of weight training sessions, all good.

Now just as things were moving along a curve ball was thrown at me and it totally caught me off guard. What can you do but get back up and keep going. :(


I just want to thank all you great blogger friends of mine for always encouraging, giving advice and just being great people, I really appreciate that you stop by and read my craziness.


Stef said...

Curve ball -- duck and weave! Or is that for boxing?


Sounds like a good re entry back into tri training -- soon this heat will be behind us and it will be even better!

Oh there was some jerk who honked at me on the Utah Half bike course. Real A- hole. I then heard him doing the same thing to the two girls just ahead of me. At least no diesel fumes though.

lindsay said...

ugh i hate exhaust fumes!

glad you've recovered well from your crazy 50-miler and are full-speed ahead into iron training!