Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday...and more Taper..

So by this time next week Taper will be over and I will be in recovery mode? Or wait! Ironman Training mode! Yes!! You see next Saturday is Headlands 100 but the 50 mile for me and soon after it will be time to switch gears to get to the swim and bike portion of IM training.

All is good with me but my body may want a break or something so it will be a delicate switch and I must say a little bit disappointing to be leaving the long trail runs I have been putting in with some great people. On a good note, your buddy and pal FORMUALIC has agreed to jump in there and help me train up for the Ironman, maybe he has some hidden agenda, knowing Form.. so I will have to be keeping a close eye on him. LOL.

This week for remaining runs are nothing more than a couple of 4 milers to keep the legs moving but I will be hitting the weights and of course just taking it easy. Leaving on Thursday morning bright and early to make the trip to Sausalio, CA to meet up with the other Vegas Ultras.

Today, was the last of an 8 mile run which seemed weird b/c I wasn't even sure what to bring for nutrition and fueling as it was relatively short compared to all our other training runs. Ya know, this TAPER is kinda Sucks!! After the run we all went for breakfast and final logistics for the upcoming week. Here is the elevation profile for the course! nice little climbers!! yikes!, SHIT!

Overall I am just looking to make the cut off of 14 1/2 hours but would realistically I would like to finish between 12-13 hours, anything else would be a Plus, time will only tell.



Josh said...

holy sh*t!! that course is crazy! But it does look like you get a break from the hills between miles 19.5 and 20.25, make sure and take advantage of it! :)
I also just realized that you and I are on pretty much opposite tracks this season. I'll be recovering from IM Canada and getting ready for fall distance running, while you're doing the opposite.
Enjoy relaxing this week!

CoachLiz said...

Put this cat in the bag and you are back to IM training. NO BIG RECOVERIES. Sorry, I have to be a hard ass coach. Enjoy the California scenery and steer clear of injuries. Slow the pace if you start feeling those knees. I want you healthy for the 110 days before IMCZ.

Good Luck!