Monday, August 10, 2009

race recap of Headlands to come..

Hi All.. Antonette and I finished.!!!

I have reflecting on the race and recap details and hope to have it up later today.

I can't thank Antonette enough for being with me all day and getting me through some really tough sticking points. We both had our Up's and Down's during the day and again I am glad that we worked well, pushed each other and respected each other all day! She really is the Best!

Also have to give Tremendous Thanks and Appreciation to her family for Crewing for us and being at the aid stations, helping with every detail and encouraging at every stop! I was so glad to see them at the different stops. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Stef said...

Dam I opened this up expecting the race report. Sigh . . .


Hope you are recovering well JT!.

Formulaic said...

so...where is the RR! Hurry it up already!


lindsay said...

congrats on the 50-miler and all but you better be out there training for your next IM. no rest for the weary :)

jk of course. take some rest, but not too much.

Bigun said...

congrats, and forget all else...get to writing!