Monday, August 27, 2007

Congratulations to all the IM Canada and Louisville athletes. And the Bigun up in Chicago! Can't wait for the race recaps.

Training this weekend was the group run on Saturday with the TNT peeps which gave me about 5.5 miles in the nice humid, keep my heart rate in zone 4 weather! Finally, after trying to run slow to bring my HR down it was just not working so I said OK, tempo time and kicked it up and just ran zone 4. As Bigun says, no training in the "bizz". Sunday was my the standard bike ride but no organization this week, I guess cause Liz was out of town so I decided I would ride my motorcycle out to the race venue for Canyon Lake Tri in Oct and GPS the course as I hear it is tough. Well as you can see by the map it's tough. The start of the bike course is actually at about mile 9. I stopped at this corner store on the loop and started the GPS. I laughed as I was riding my motorcycle around it and saw the climbers! Overall it was a nice long 430 mile round trip on the motor.

Although no training was done it was a nice rest up for training this week as it is a run focus week according to plan. Now that the Woodlands 101 series is nixed, it totally messed up my training plan for anything specific so I attempted to adjust things but it was not working so I put it back as I like the layout.

Looking forward to this coming holiday weekend for some training and motor riding.
Have a great week!



Allez said...

That's a hilly route!

Tea said...

That's frightening.

1HappyAthlete said...

Looks like your training's right on target....Great job