Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a week!

We all have crazy weeks and this week has been no exception for me. After coming off a little illness at the end of last week and starting out on Monday with TNT track night I was able to get some descent sprints in. Tuesday was at the pool with Coach Liz to give me some specific coaching on my swim stroke which let me tell you needed some serious work. I mean let's face it, JT can swim but not the best. After finding out that my left arm was completely working against me and actually pushing the water downward towards the bottom of the pool vs. Pulling the water down towards my feet I was amazed at how much distance I was covering in just a short time. Also worked on positioning and left sided breathing. I have some work cut out for me but I am a lot more confident in knowing what I have to working on.

Weds. it was straight to the park to get my run on as I had to get home early. It was pretty damn hot and I actually felt a little down, was having a hard time breathing around the 2 mile mark and just felt like I was out of gas. As I was running I was thinking about my nutrition and realized it has been way below par the last couple of days and that needs to change, asap!

So after getting home, me, Mrs. JT and daughter JT were off for a new surprise. We have been looking for some time now but just finding the right one has taken a little time and JT has been kind of resistant on getting a new one but I have been basically out voted so I will welcome.

So what is it? It is Noah! Noah is our new 1 year old Black Lab! Noah was found by a fellow worker of Mrs. JT who was on a bike ride and was hanging around near her car when she was getting ready to leave at the end of her ride. He was so hot and needed water, so she helped him out and then she had to bring him home, as a lab owner herself, she could not leave him there. She would eventually post information about him around the park and area and waited about 10 days before letting anyone take him in case the owners were looking for him. Well turns out no owners so we wanted him and went to pick him up Weds. He is actually a big 1 year old but let me tell you, Noah, (which had no name, and we all decided that was a great name for him) but he can sit, stay, is house trained, Score! is kennel trained, double Score! and is just a great temperament of a lab. I am happy to have Noah and look forward to him being with the family.

So today the back side of Tropical Storm Erin rolled through and lots of rain and flooding in some areas but we needed it and it cooled things down. No training today as right after work I took Noah to the vet to get checked out as we needed to make sure he was OK with everything and he did have a little ear itching. After his shots, some medications and a new 1 year plan for his shots/chk up's and a few other things all for the grand total of $190. Damn! I could have bought a new Xterra Vengance Wet Suit, Double Damn!! But he's good to go and JT family happy and that's worth the money.

Tomorrow I will try and sneak on over to the pool and get some swim time in.

Saturday is the TNT group run and I'm excited as it will be my first group run since I was sick last week. And Sunday I am looking at a short 40-50 mile ride, yeehaa.

So for now everyone have a great Weekend if I don't jump back in and post a few things.



Allez said...

Aaaawwwww!!! CUTE dog :-)

Andra Sue said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new fur child! Noah sounds awesome--and you are smart to get an (almost) adult dog who is well on his way to being trained. Well worth the vet bill, if you ask me. BUT, I'm a total sucker for dogs. :)

Glad you are able to give him a good home!

1HappyAthlete said...

Great temperament of a lab? Isn't that a bit redundent?


Congrats and welcome to your new family member

JohnnyTri said...

now thats funny.. true tho..


momo said...

hey, its a new running partner! i keep telling big j we need a dog i can run with - our bulldog just doesn't fit the bill for that one! welcome, noah!!

Bigun said...

Flooding in Houston, now THAT's redundant...shoot, I could pee in Houston and flood JT's whole street!

Deb said...

She's beautiful! Good to hear you're feeling much better and rarin' to go!

Molly said...

Kozmo says, "welcome to the blog dog family Noah!"

Take Care

blink140pnt6 said...


If you want more on labs chack my latest post and the link within.

I'm also glad to say that I live on top of a hill so if Bigun ever pee's in my street I know I'm safe.