Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend recap.

Can you believe that with the advertising I did for the Rebroad Cast I freakn` miss it! But luckily I called my dear ol dad and he recorded it for me.

So here's why I missed it. Training updates: I was off Friday and took off Saturday as well as I had a little hamstring thing going on and it wasn't wanting to fix so rest was the best option, even though I knew this week is a down/recovery week! Yahoo!

Sunday I was out the door for an early 50 mile ride, It would be my longest EVER RIDE! At 8 miles in Flat! Changing tired I realized the nice guy at the REI sold me the wrong length valve stem for my rims and now it was figure out how to get the Co2 in the tube with like 1/8" sticking out of the rim.. humm.. not sure really how I did it but I did and was back on the road and stopped at gas station to buy a patch kit just in case. The course was a long Flat as a pancake route and wrapped up in 2 hours 40 mins avg. 18mph. Good ride overall. Needed more nutrition tho as I was hungry!

Got home and was out the door in less than hour as Mrs. JT wanted to go to the beach. It was nice actually, as I was laying there under my umbrella on the lounge chair and took a nap, read, people watched, texted, and vegd. Made the early AM ride all worth it. We finished up by stopping back Captain Jack's bar and had a few drinks!

Long day for sure and got to bed by 9:30pm

Saturday recap though was the Team In Training Kick Off Party and it was a blast. Lot's of people there to begin there journey towards there goal of a Half or Full Marathon! And a great big Shout out to Mrs. JT for signing up as well as this will be her first every Half Marathon!!!

gotta role..



Andra Sue said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. And way to go recruiting your WIFE!!! That's awesome. :)

1HappyAthlete said...

I've had the wrong valve stem problem before...glad you didn't get stuck in the middle of nowhere

Jane said...

I don't know how big the Team in Training is, but maybe you met Fran, a nurse with whom I work. she is training for the marathon. AND I convinced her to do a sprint triathalon! She will be doing Andy's Tri or Cinco Ranch with me.

That Ironman 2006 was AWESOME! Thanks for the tip, I never would have known it was on.

Bigun said...

I got it in HD on the can come over and watch if you like....

Molly said...

YEA MRS JT!!!!! You might just have a new tri buddy soon!

Great weekend!
Take Care!

Allez said...

Yeah for new training partners! :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

The that sounds nice. Doing nothing is definitely under rated :-)

Tea said...

Excellent weekend! Hanging out at the beach after a long!