Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Trifecta, AddaBoy, and DownerBoy!

Let's Start with this! Yea, that's right! A Beer while updating tonight for some celebration reasons and some downer reason.

After the hot ass day yesterday we were lucky to get a little break this afternoon but not until I was done, more in a minute. So instead of getting stuck out like yesterday I was up at 4:30am and out the door to the picnic loop where I busted a quick 45 min ride in, a little short of my scheduled 60 but I'll take it! Believe it or not there are others out there that early around here. Distance was 13.98 miles with an avg. speed of 18.48mph, it's pretty flat at the loop but has a couple of twists in it that slow you down but it is closed to traffic and there are street lights so makes early riding safe.

Then after work the boys and myself were heading out to lake for a little open water swim. I got there earlier to get my run on from yesterday, as it was a scheduled tempo run. Well now is when I met Mr. Freakn` Hot Ass Day! Shit it was hot out there, 97*. Funny thing was there was another lady running around the neighborhood and when we passed each other she yelled "Are you insane? It's way too hot out here to be running!" I yelled back, I know! Isn't it great! So after a quick 1 mile loop warm up I ramped it hard to not work in the "BIZ" as Bigun says and stuck another mile in and then the boys showed up so I stopped, again a little short of my regular time but I managed to get 2.13 miles in 20:34 which gives me a SERIOUS NEW PR/MILE at 9:40..bouyyaahh! and it was freakn` hot! So there Mr. FHAD.

Once the boys were there it was time for the TRIFECTA of the day, Swim. So we jumped in and headed out but I quickly noticed that the run had zapped me a little. Then my lats started burning and I could feel them and was thinking, why in the world are they hurting and fatiguing, I had no Pull. Then I remembered I worked out pretty good on Monday and was not recovered. My other problem was I was wearing my older SealMask goggles and I remembered why I don't wear them, Hello! The left eye Leaks and was slowly filling up with water and splashing all over my eye while breathing. And then the Icing on the Cake! I looked up for some sighting as normal and realized the boys had dropped me like a bad habit!! Fuk! So I emptied my goggles and I saw them looking back for me, gave them the big thumbs Down and to keep going I was heading back. By the time I got back to the dock my goggles were splashy with water again and my lats were really fatigued. Time for swim: 12:30 mins for 500 meters.

So I get a big Yahoo for the bassackwards triathlon today but I get a big damn that Swim Sucked!

Maybe I can redem myself on the 40 mins swim tomorrow. Until then, it's time for Corona #2, that's my limit, Ha!



Dying Water Buffalo said...

Yes, you deserve those beers!!!! Go get em tomorrow, dude!

Bigun said...

Ha! at least you got out there and did something - a little is better than nothing - make sure you chuck those worthless goggles before you "forget" and wear them (to get out of a workout, subconcoiusly) again... A beer would have been great tonight.

Molly said...

I agree...wat to get out there AND you deserve those beers!

Take Care

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

mmmmmmmm beer.

Allez said...

You're running great in the heat!!! Leaky googles suck.

JohnnyTri said...

took those goggles out of my bag right now!

So the consensus is that WE ALL LIKE BEER!


mishele k said...

You're not messing around in this heat-- I'm surprised those beers didn't make you fall over from getting up before the asscracka dawn. You're a better man than me! :)

Jane said...

Beer's a carb - so it's post-recovery nutrition!

blink140pnt6 said...

Jane is right, and congrats on the pr.