Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend whoopin`

What a weekend so let's get to the update on training.
Friday I went to the pool with Coach Liz but we were rained out so we talked a while to see if it would pass and unfortunately it did not so it turned to an off day and I went home.

Saturday morning I met Liz at 5:15 am to get a run in before the TNT training run. We ended up running 5.25 miles but let me tell you it was Humid. Now that's funny! I was totally dragging by the 4th mile, heart rate was too high and I was doing a lot of walking. After thinking about it, I was dehydrated as well. So for the TNT run I ended up getting another 1.5 miles but it was on off running and about 1/2 walking. Ass kicking #2. Yeah, #2, as #1 was today!

Today, was a short 56 mile ride and would be longest ever. I met up with Liz and Geoff and some others from the tri club. There were some pretty good rollers or hills as we say down here and it didn't take long to get into them. Next thing I know my HR is running Z3 and Z4 due to these hills and I'm thinking, "crap, we just started and I still have about 48 miles! I better slow down" After talking with another rider he tells me it only gets worse after mile 30! So I definitely slowed down. By mile 30 we hit a rest break, refuel and head back out. Geoff did an out and back and we saw him heading back in. Liz was leading the way and I just followed as much as I could because she is faster than me, luckily we had just started out and I was fairly close. Well after some serious long climbers I see Liz coming back on the other side of the road and think, Shit! We missed a turn. Sure enough, so it's double back but luckily it's down hill time and added an extra 6 miles. Once back on track, it's hot now and I have begun to feel the effects and try to stay hydrated. By mile 40 my back is killing me and I have been trying to stretch while on the bike but it's not working and figure I am going to have to stop and get off. I flag down Liz and take a few minutes to stretch. I feel better and take off and Liz drops. I am in no mans land and had to pull out the map to make sure I was on track. By mile 54 I have to stop again and stretch, damn, the more I stop the longer it takes and it's only getting hotter! I make it quick and get going knowing that I only have about 6 miles. Finally, I pull in to the park and tell Liz, that I just got my Ass kicked! #1. I was change and start recovery hydration asap! So here is my ass kicking elevation and HR.

So what did I learn? I need more water when it's that hot! My other drinks provide the calories but not the same as water. I found a new route that I will will see many times over the next year in training for CdA. I need new pedals with a better platform, I currently have SPDs. I need can take more calories as I burned about 5500 and took in about 1600, stomach felt fine so need to try more food.

Tomorrow is track night but will not be running, only helping!

All you IMC and IML peeps have a great week and stay rested as I will be watching this coming weekend!! Go Steve #1206 IMC, Dying Water Buffalo IML, Sweet Baboo #1539 and Athena Diaries #1540 both IML!



Tea said...

I'm getting tired just reading MUST be the humidity.

Bill said...

Your swim workout was rained out?

Reminds me of the times my mom would tell me I couldn't go surfing because it was raining.

BTW, 1600 cals sounds like plenty for your <4hr ride. Your stomach isn't going to process much more than the 400 cals/hr that you averaged. So be careful, otherwise you may end up bloated or with more serious GI issues.

I went the other way today. I only averaged 250 cals/hr and ended up bonking. Bad. The worst I've done in many years. I had to call the ride quits at 85 miles, which was short of my goal. And it's 9 hours later, I've had three full meals and I still don't feel right.

So experiment, but you may already have it.

Jane said...

First, it was the rain. Then it was the heat. Now it's the humidity. Now we're going to have a hurricane on us. You wanna move to Colorado?

Doing well on your workouts! I think I'm going to sign up for the Woodlands Tri.

momo said...

looks like your training is coming along solidly and you're learning all your lessons (calories, liquid) early which is good.

good job, johnnyt.

S. Baboo said...

Good training day! I agree with the earlier comment that you look like you are getting enough calories on the bike, maybe not a sufficient breakfast? Not enough heat training? Dehydration?

greyhound said...

Just curious, which route were you riding?

Lance Notstrong said...

Way to tough it out. It's weird, some times you ride 100K and it feels like you can go on and on. Other times, 50 miles feels like 200!!!

Molly said...

hang in there and listen to all these smart folks and you will be killing 48 miles in no time!

Take Care

Deb said...

That humidity kicks your @$#%! Keep that water flowin and train safe! ;)

Meggan Ann said...

humidity stinks. Nice job keeping it moving.