Thursday, May 29, 2008

CdA Bike Course CompuTrainer..

So I was able to finally meet up with Dave who is the Pres. of the Las Vegas Triathlon Club and also happens to have a CompuTrainer with the CdA course.

Once getting to Dave's house he was cranking away and coming up to the 25 mile mark. As I was checking everything out I was a little nervous looking at the course and the profile of the hills that were about to start. Dave offered for me to jump on and try it out so we changed out our bikes and got things set up.

I started from the 25 mile mark just before the rollers start. It didn't take long and I was cranking up some hills and back down the other side. I rode for an hour which took me through mile 40 and gave me a good idea of how this part of the course feels. It's not super hard but there are a few 8-10% grades that are going to make you work for that Finisher's Medal.

My thoughts:

- There will be lot's of shifting during the part of the course.

- It will be important not to go too hard on the first loop as you will pay for it on the 2nd.

- Keep up Nutrition during this part of the course.

- Even though the avg. speed will not be that fast through this section, keep moving and don't get frustrated.

I will be heading back to Dave's house this weekend to ride the full course loop and get a better feeling.



S. Baboo said...

One thing I tell myself when people are passing me early in an IM bike is "I'll see them again at mile 70 or 80" and that helps me stay nice and easy.

Stef said...

Great opportunity for you to ride part of the course. You are going to do great!!

Kathleen said...

How nice to get a feel for the course! You'll have a plan of attack!

CoachLiz said...

We made it in one piece. Zurich is beautiful and the weather is great. we did packet pick up and they gave us this SWEET backpack with the Ironman Switzerland 70.3 logo on it. We are going to try to get a swim in tomorrow.

We miss you,