Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

It's Easter weekend and some how the weather has decided to throw a curve ball and freeze everything up and drop temps down one more time before it leaves for the season.
I keep in mind today, Allez, who in Dallas is out participating in a tri and hoping that she's having fun and staying as warm as she can.
The week has been busy but next week things kick up a little more as I actually get to go work, kind of, for a friend who is will be out of town, so just covering his office, Tue, Weds, Thurs, and of course don't forget I'm treating the student athletes at the high school on Tue, Thurs. And then there are the 3 nights this coming week with softball games. So what does all this mean.
No more chilling and getting training down when ever. I now have a time frame in which I have to get things done, which, is really better, I think. This weeks training will call for 2 workouts of swim, bike, run as it will be a 4 day open schedule for workouts as next weekend is motorcycle rally and we are heading out for that.
OK, so I found all those great youtube Ironman videos and was so pumped!, sorry SkiRough, I know I was blowing them all out! haha.. Anyway, I love the motivation and drive they present and somewhere deep inside me it sparks me every time and makes me realize that the only way my title of "1 step closer 2 Ironman" is to get my ass in gear, start participating in some races and get better!
As I said in one of the video postings, "what's your excuse?" really, what's mine!


SkiRough said...


My friend has rabbits, and she actually puts them on harnesses and walks them (!!) around her yard. It's also very funny looking. Bunnys are so silly. hee :)

Have a good easter yourself!

Deb said...

Great pic... love the youtubes! You seem to be one of the few that has had the luxury of training when you could 'fit it in', so now you're comin to the real party! ;)
Get going and make it fun!

Allez said...

Happy easter! Funny picture :-)

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

I like the youtubes...I am new to that had me playing on it all last week!

Hope that you had a great weekend and have a good busy week ahead!


momo said...

happy easter, johnnyt, to you and your family!

ShirleyPerly said...

Happy be-lated Easter and thanks for your comment on my blog. Being a new race, I forgot about IM Louisville and I also found an iron distance tri in Nevada too (Silverman). Look forward to reading your Redman report in September. Are you doing the half or full?