Sunday, April 22, 2007

Open water swim..

Just got back from my 1st open water swim this year. It was out at a place called Twin Lakes and there were about 8 of us, most training for the Capital Texas Olympic Tri end of May.
It was great to get some open water swimming. I lake was a little cold and wet suits were very welcomed. The out swim was directly into some head wind with some chop but the turn around was great with that tail wind helping.
At first I was nervous as was others but after about 500 meters and making the turn around I was more relaxed and just focusing on breathing, sighting, and not stopping. Made the loop and then 3 of us called it a day while the others did one more loop.
Some of you may have noticed I changed some side bar stuff and added 2 weeks of training for Accountability purposes for the Silverlake tri.
Feeling better still but not 100%, I would say 88%.
Time to relax and get some reading done. Oh, BTW, I finished the Lance Armstrong Performance Program book so book recap to come soon and started with another book, kind of 2 books, more on that later too.
rockon` A few pics from the Twin Lakes. The bike Blue Ticky pole is funny, there is actually a big yellow one in the lake as a marker!


SkiRough said...

Yeah you know, it actually *looks* cold out there!

You and I must be on the same zen-vibes or something today. I planned an open water swim for a weekend coming up and also updated my sidebars. :) Funny.

Comm's said...

So how far was it.

I open water about 2x a week in a lake. Swimming a lap a front and back buoy is 1,000 yards. usually do 2-4 a session.

Molly said...

congrats on the open water swim...just remember to let the water do most of the work - I LOVE ocean swimming!

the roof top is worth it...more later, but I will say that it was worth it!

...and you added me! Thanks for recognizing a wanna be triathlete! I hope to live up to my name being on that list one day soon!

Take Care