Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It got me.

Let's get to it!
Training for Monday later in the evening was the bike stationary work which I followed a workout from the book that Chris Carmichael talks about. Now that I have new Heart rate zones it was basically keeping HR in my Z2 with cadence approx 75rpm. and a 10 minute tempo ride for a total of 1 hour. It was an interesting training session in the fact that I had to watch the zones and make sure I was in Z2 for the majority of the hour, I like it!
Then yesterday after helping a few high school athletes and going to work, yes, work, I am covering my friends office while he is in the Bahamas! Same guy that went to the Philippines in Feb, must be nice, WTF!
On the way to watch my daughter pitch for her game I stopped and ran at the park. Now the loop is 3 miles so I started running with my warm up and then I increased the pace between the 1/4 mile markers and I did this 5 times! So kind of like a track workout running around our loop. My HR was high towards the end and it took longer for recovery but overall I completed the 3 miles in 31:30 which was great!
Now after going to the softball game where it was a come behind to send the game into 10 innings and my daughter pitching all 10! Then ended up missing the win by 1 point with a final of 10-9. She did really awesome for pitching that much, 3 hours! and not only that she pitched a innings 6-10 with no rbi's and innings 6-9 with no hit's! I'm so proud of her !!!
She is signed up for softball camp this June so watch out next Season!!! That's my Girl!!!
Conclusion: After all the swimming, biking, and running and fighting the sinus/cold crap it caught me and now I'm freakin` coughing and sound like crap! I'm taking every medication over the counter I can get, with Airborne, vits, OJ, Strawberry's, etc.. anything to get better faster. And no more training the rest of the week, sucks! But hey, I do get to take a few naps which is probably good for me!


I belong anywhere but in between... said...

Hope you feel better...been there and done that - twice. There really is no better medicine than rest!

That is SO great for your daughter! Make sure she remembers every moment...oh how I would love to be back on tat soccer field on a cool fall evening...there is nothing like high school sports!

Feel Better!

Allez said...

Get well!

SkiRough said...

Freaking change of seasons gets em every time. Good plan on the OJ/etc. Feel better soon!

momo said...

nothing worse than a spring cold. take it easy and feel better soon!

your daughter is doing great - take care of the arm of hers!